Busy week!

I was so good at posting everyday...and I fully intend to revert back to that habit.  It has just been a crazy week!

A little glimpse into what was missed:

My parents came into town this last weekend.  We had a lot of family time with all of the siblings in Utah.  It was so much fun! Why do I have the best family ever? (not to mention the best in-laws ever) I love family!

I spent a large portion of the weekend (before my parents came to town) spending time with my little niece Emma.  We went to Marci's soccer game together, went to the library, and treated ourselves to Jamba Juice.    She spent the night at Aunt Kelli and Uncle Taylor's on Saturday night (it was so cute how excited she was about it!  She was even the one to ask to spend the night!) Here's some pictures to prove what fun we had together:

On Monday night, Taylor and I went to watch Hunger Games. Yay!  I had been dyyying to see it!  Taylor wanted to re-read the first book before seeing the movie, but he finally gave in to my pestering and surprised me with a plan to see it on Monday night.  We both loved it!

Tay and I have just been enjoying life and counting down the days until summer.  More enjoyable posts to come!

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