The polo.

During my first week at Summit, all of the teachers were given an SAHS polo.
Teachers wear it every Friday.
And every time I wear it, Taylor reminds me how much he hates it.
He honestly thinks it is the ugliest article of clothing.
And it's not even that bad!
Just a standard blue polo with a yellow stripe down the side.

Since today is Friday, I'm wearing the polo.
All morning, he begged me not to wear it.
I personally love polo Fridays--I don't have to decide what to wear!

He actually admitted that he threw it away once--but felt guilty, so later got it out of the trash.
But if he had his wish, he would burn it.
And every Friday when I get home, the first thing Taylor makes me do is change my shirt. 
hahaha--it is honestly the funniest thing ever.

My husband is too trendy for his own good.

This is the text I got from him this morning:

What do you think?
Hideous? Or not bad?

Here's to hoping this polo will survive the next 20 years! haha!
(shhh...don't tell Taylor...maybe I'll wear it on his birthday?? ;)


  1. I hope it's not hideous because I wear it approximately every other Friday as well. I can't say it's my favorite article of clothing, but I definitely LOVE polo Fridays!