Some cruise nights

 I have the cutest little brother and sister :)

 Jamie was having some fun with my camera with these shots haha ;)

Nights were so fun on the cruise.
On this particular cruise line, they had "movies under the stars." 
They have a huge movie screen out on the deck and they play a different movie every night.
They give you blankets to cuddle in, popcorn, pizza, and cookies.
Even though Jamie and I often fell asleep halfway through the movies, it was our favorite activity!

C, J & I all shared a room.  
I can't tell you how hard we were laughing most nights as we lay in bed.
Before I left for college, and it was only us three in the house, we used to have SO much fun together.
I felt a little nostalgic being with just these two again.
I sure do love them.


  1. Jake and I were suppose to go on a cruise this year and it ended up being the one that lit on fire in the middle of the ocean... so our cruise got cancelled. So super jealous and living vicariously through you! Looks like a lot of fun!

  2. AH! That is crazy! I'm sure glad you weren't on the cruise THAT week! Will you get to go again soon?