I'm back! +first cruise post

I'm back!
The cruise was amazing!
I was dying by the end, because I missed Taylor so badly.
Even though I loved every minute of the cruise, I am so happy to be home with my wonderful man.
Yesterday, I was so giddy every time we were together, since it was so long being apart!
I can't live without this boy!

The first couple of days on the cruise were days at sea.
Jamie and I laid out on the deck and read.
It was so wonderful!
I started and finished Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.
And right when I got home, I ordered it online so I could have my own copy.
(I was reading a library copy)
It was amazing! I definitely recommend it!

Not a whole lot of pictures were taken the first two days--it was uneventful, and I loved it.

Our first stop was Puerto Vallarta.
We had a fun time there, and I'm excited to share pictures tomorrow!

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