Sacramento for 24 hours.

After the cruise, I decided I would drive the 6 hours to Sacramento with my parents so that I could see my grandparents, my grandma, and the cutest Wallace fam you ever did see!
Then on Sunday afternoon I flew home out of the Sacramento airport.

Oh, but before Sacramento pictures--isn't this the loveliest of all lovely pictures of Jamie?
Too bad it's blurry -_-

I was most excited to see this cute face!
I hadn't seen him since he was a month old! 
He is seriously the happiest & cutest little nephew in the world (along with Max and Nate of course---my other nephews ;)

Isn't my grandpa the cutest?

 His face is totally like, "Okay, Aunt Kelli, do we seriously need to take 5 bilion pictures together?"

 (I am so sad I didn't get a picture with my other grandma!)

And oh, hey. I even got to watch bath time.
I almost died.

The sisters went on a 10pm run. 
It was so fun!
Wish I lived there so that I always had running buddies!

 (sorry Marce, I had to include this--it killed me!)

Then we pulled Mama into a picture.

And apparently, Marci and I are only capable of one normal picture. ha

I found these last two pictures on my camera the other day.
Guess that's what you get for playing with my camcam ;)

I miss them already!
Especially baby J!

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