A Birthday Post

Monday=happy birthday to me!
Thanks to my sweet husband and wonderful family, I had an amazing birthday.
My husband woke me up at 2am to tell me that he had stayed up to finish all of his papers (he had four 8 page papers due Monday/Tuesday--this is why I'm not an English major!)
I had told Taylor not to worry about celebrating on Monday night.
I knew he had so much to do for all of his papers + finals!
I suggested we do a quick dinner, and then he could spend the rest of the evening doing school work.
But that sweet boy worked so hard over the weekend and into the night so that he was completely free to celebrate on my birthday.
What a gem!

I woke up to a world full of snow.
That was a little bit of a downer.
It has been so warm lately and I was hoping snow season was over.
Guess not.

Some of my students even remembered  my birthday!
I got a (half-open) box of Mike and Ike's and a coke.
The coke was not half open--just wanted to clarify. ha
These kids--I love them.

Taylor wanted to give me his presents before I left for work, but I told him I wanted to wait.
I like the suspense and excitement.
But he was dying all day.
So when I got home, he told me he had to give me one present before he spilled the beans on the other.
Present #1 was Lincoln! (the movie)
I LOVED it--and am SO glad I own it now.
Good job, Tay!

I also opened a gift from my sister, Marci.
Earrings, watch, and a top!
Look how cute!
Per request, my parentals sent me a gift card to PF Changs.
So guess where we went to dinner?

By the end of dinner, Taylor was dying.
It was so cute--he was literally like a little boy trying to keep the biggest secret.

He told me that he had the best hiding spot for it:
My bag that I take to work.
"You've been carrying your present in your bag for the past two days!"
Really? I was so confused.  How did I not notice?

He tossed me my bag and told me to look for it.
I looked for a few seconds--but found nothing.

After being thoroughly confused, Taylor laughed and said, "It's actually not in there now.  It's right here." He faced my open laptap towards me and opened on the screen was FINAL CUT PRO X!
Here's my initial reaction--I thought he was kidding at first!

Big thanks to Mom and Dad Gilbert who helped out!

I was sooo excited!
He downloaded it on my computer a few days ago--lucky for him, I didn't notice.
(hence, his hint: I had carried it around for the past two days)
I have been going down to BYU to use FCP there. 
But it is SO much more convenient to have my own!
I had dreamed of it--but never, ever thought to ask for it.
I have quite a few half-finished movies.
It takes weeks to finish just ONE, because I have to find the time to go to BYU and stay there for a couple of hours.
I'm still learning--but hoping to keep getting better!

I seriously CANNOT express how PERFECT this gift was.
My husband knows me much too well.

Later that evening we had cake and ice cream with family.
My camera was pretty much dead (clearly I did not expect to be getting FCP, or it would have been fully charged!)
So I only had like four video clips to work with, but I made this short video on my very own FCP :)

The Boston Bombings happened on my birthday.
It seemed a little strange to be celebrating when something so awful had just happened.
My heart breaks for Boston.
Yesterday, I asked Taylor, "Why are people so mean?"
And he reminded me, "When things are wrong in the world, look for the kindness."
He's so right, and so wise.
I am comforted by the kindness shown in times of tragedy.
I am surely praying for Boston.

All in all, I had a pretty prefect 22nd birthday.
I'm ready to see what big 22 has in store for me. 
Bring it on, world!

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