3rd quarter.

Okay, so I've sucked at blogging this week.
But I have a good excuse.
It was the last week of 3rd quarter.
And if you're a teacher, you know exactly what that means.
So many needy, crying, begging students.
It's awesome.

So all of my extra time and energy has been going into my lesson plans--to keep them still exciting while I'm dying of exhaustion inside.

Today in my world civ classes, we learned about fascism (hitler, mussolini, hirohito, etc).
And we made mustaches to wear while we learned about it.
I even wore a mustache the whole time I taught.

No, this is not my whole class.  I had to crop and zoom in on the picture so you can see the staches.
(mine was on a popsicle stick because it kept falling off while I was lecturing...haha)

And, yes, I am shorter than everyone! 
I don't think the students realize how short I am when they're sitting down.
It's when they stand up that they say, "How tall are you, Mrs. Gilbie!?"

Thanks for having fun with me and my crazy ideas, sophomores!

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