I got to spend all of yesterday with my wonderful family.
We had so much fun!
But for some reason, my back was killing me all day.
Before going to bed last night, I asked Taylor if he would give me a back massage.
Of course he agreed.  But he said, "If you can find the Deep Blue Rub, then I will give you a massage that lasts twice as long."
Deep Blue Rub is a doTERRA product that we LOVE.  We just bought a new bottle a couple of weeks ago, but then it suddenly disappeared and was no where to be found.  Taylor has looked for it almost every night (since he loves using it), but has yet to find it.
Of course, I was now determined to find it.
Taylor left the bedroom as I was frantically looking everywhere for the dang bottle.
And then...within probably three minutes of Taylor making this deal, I ran out of the bedroom, DEEP BLUE RUB IN HAND.
Victory!  I had found it!
Taylor could NOT believe that I had found it so fast.
I was so excited and hyper for the next ten minutes or so, because I was about to get a dang good back massage! 

Here are some pictures documenting my victory:

Yep, I'm definitely winning.
And...the massage was well worth it!
Thanks, Taylor!

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