You're invited...

Last night, Taylor and I had a party.
A very special party. 
With just the two of us.
And...two irons, two ironing boards, and lots of wrinkly clothes.
Yep, that's right. 
We had an ironing party!
Oh, and Michael Weston was invited too:
We watched Burn Notice (our very favorite) while we ironed away.

That whole pile of wrinkly clothes vanished surprisingly quickly.
The "mom trick" of trying to convince kids that chores are actually "fun" worked on us.
Because we had a lot of fun.

Iron high-five.

Thanks for coming to our party, Michael Weston!

We really felt like champions by night's end for throwing such an awesome (and productive) party.
And really, who can complain when Michael Weston comes to their party?

And I think we learned a great lesson: "Mom tricks" work.
Watch out future children...I sense a lot of "parties" in your future.

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