A week alone

Yesterday, at 5:30am, Taylor left for scout camp (he's a young men's leader for our church, so he went with the boys).
And he'll be gone for a whole week.
He doesn't come back until Saturday.
This is the longest we have been apart since we have known each other.
The worst part is that he doesn't even have cell phone service. So not only is it the longest we will go without seeing each other, it's definitely going to be the longest without talking to each other!
So I'm already going a little crazy ;)

Luckily, the Gilbs live right across the street. So I'm not totally alone.

I made Taylor pose for me on Sunday night when he put on his scout shirt.
 my little eagle scout :)

I may or may not have shed a few tears over the fact that he was leaving.
Why am I so pathetic?
I guess love will do that to you.
Taylor laughed at me and then just held me, and told me he would miss me a lot too.
Thanks, husband. For not laughing too hard. Because I know it was probably really lame.

After work yesterday, I went and purchased this.
You know, to help me get through the week. ;)

Falling asleep in an empty bed is the worst!
Lately I have been having the worst nightmares. I can't seem to catch a break. 
I wake up really scared (and a little disturbed) and say Taylor's name to wake him up.  He knows just why I'm saying his name (because I seem to have this problem every night lately), and so he scoots closer to me and helps me fall back asleep.  I am so grateful I have him there.  I was a little scared to fall asleep last night, because I knew Taylor wouldn't be there to comfort me.
I prayed over and over again and asked not to have nightmares.
And guess what? I didn't have a single nightmare!
Just dreams about a cute little dog named Bowzie. Weird, right?
But I was very grateful for that dream and for cute little Bowzie.

Dear Tay: miss you lots!
Day one and night one down. 
Let the countdown begin!

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