Kevin is not a D-O-L-L.

When Regan, Mom Gilbert, and I were in California a few months ago, we decided to relax in the hotel one night and watch some TV.  We stumbled upon the tv show, "My Crazy Obsession."  And we so happened to watch an episode that changed our lives!
Have you heard about these people?
Watch the video on that page and read the article. I promise you won't regret it.
(Plus, the rest of this post won't make sense without a quick look at that page.)

Regan and I could NOT stop laughing through the entire episode.
So, naturally, "Kevin" (the crazies' main cabbage patch doll child...pictured above) became the running joke of the rest of the trip.  And much to Mama G's chagrin, the joke hasn't stopped since. 
We frequently turn to "Kevin" (aka the air) and ask him to make decisions when the Gilb family can't decide where to eat, what to do, or even who should do the dishes.
We just say, "Let's ask Kevin." Then we turn to nothing and say, "Kevin? What do you think?"
And somehow...it's funny every single time. 
If you haven't seen the full episode, find time to watch it.

Well, you can imagine mine and Regan's excitement when we found out that one of our neighbors owned a cabbage patch doll...and not just ANY cabbage patch doll.  They owned KEVIN.
The neighbor kids brought Kevin over on Sunday night.
Regan and I just about died.

Here are some pictures (and a video) of our weekend with Kevin:

Kevin watching Seth sleep.

Oh, and here's Kevin getting a massage.

I think we will be giving Kevin back to the neighbors tonight...before we become just as crazy.

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