2.5 days to go!

I am sooo ready for Taylor to come home.
I have been keeping myself busy, but I sure do miss that handsome boy.

Yesterday, Regs and I went to Yogurtland (our very favorite).
(She always gets something fruity...but I can never tear myself away from the chocolatey goodness)
And we took our cute little neighbor friend, Brooke.
That little girl has one sense of humor.  She kept us laughing the whole time.

I am going to miss the day when I don't live across the street from:
Ma and Pa Gilb
my best friend and sister, Regan
and all of the cute little neighbor kids.

When Taylor and I were doing our wedding registry at Target, I registered for a two-step stool.
Taylor looked at me and said, "Seriously?  Why are you registering for a stool?"
Me: "Well, you haven't lived the life of a 5'1" person. This is something I need on a daily basis!"
Since we've been married, I've rarely used it.  And not because everything is low...we sure have some high cabinets.  But because, when I can't reach something, I just ask Taylor, "Hey, can I use your height real quick?"  And he'll get whatever I need down from the unreachable high places (and he never even has to use tippy-toes! I'm always amazed!).
Taylor took this picture awhile ago to document the one time he's actually seen me use the stool, that I "supposedly needed on a daily basis." ;)  
Don't tell Taylor this, but when he's not looking, sometimes I climb up on the counter and purposefully put things on the very top shelf in the very back of everything else (it's usually always the chocolate chips).  Then I'll say, "Hey Taylor? Can I use your height real quick? I need those chocolate chips way back there." Why do I do this?  I'm determined to see him use his tippy-toes one day to reach something!  Hasn't happened yet...
Still trying.

Anyways, the point of this little saga: in the last three days, I've used that stool more than I've used it in the last nine months! Why?  Taylor left and took his height with him.

Dear Taylor: I'm ready for you to come home so I can put this stool away.  I like using your height better :)


  1. hahahaha i registered for one too! but ours is just one step. i never use it. i always ask tom to get stuff instead. and he always says "why don't you use your stool that you needed so badly?" hahahha

  2. Haha...that is exactly our conversation. haha