our last february weekend

we loved our last weekend of february.
i can't believe it's MARCH.
only 5 weeks left until spring break! wahoo! haha!
I feel like I've been a little checked out since january--I love my job so much, but something about this school year has me totally worn out.
(no, i'm not pregnant)

ALSO, this weekend, I obsessed a little too much over THE DRESS.
It just literally blows my mind.
it is so blue to me that there is NO WAY someone can see white!
like it blows my mind. hahaha
you're all probably just as sick of #thedress debate as taylor is.
i think I asked him like 20 times over the weekend, "do you still see white and gold?"

we started our weekend on THURSDAY night with our cute friends, the reynolds.
we played a few games (in which I tried not to be too competitive)
and gosh, we love them!
especially that cute baby!!

on friday, we got to celebrate our dear friend's birthday at PF Changs.
we are super glad taylor (wood) was born so that we could go eat at PF changs--one of our favorites ever. ha
and this is the best picture I have of the night...haha
but we just love kate and taylor. 

 on saturday, we had an articles of faith ice cream party for our primary.
they are the cutest kids--I love them all SO much!
and I am so proud of them for learning their articles of faith!
also, their parents may hate me for letting them have multiple bowls of ice cream... 

we also went to see "the duff" on saturday night with christie and brooks.
and OH MY gosh, funny funny movie.
you kinda have to be just in the right mood for that genre.
and it hit the spot for me on saturday night.
it was funny without being too cheesy or too inappropriate (which is hard for a high school movie...ha).
although, there were a lot of high school humor "dick jokes"--so be prepared for that.
but all in all, it was quite enjoyable!
aaand I'm also kind of a sucker (still) for high school romance movies. I think I almost cried when they finally kissed. 
maybe it's from being around high school kids all day, but I told taylor after the movie, "I just want them to love each other forever and get married!"

and, I told christie thank you for letting me be her duff (designated ugly fat friend) HA
(because see how cute she is in the above picture? ;)

and I have to include this picture.
taylor subbed for a primary class yesterday in church (the four year olds) and he created a little "campfire" so that when it was "story-time" he could tell them stories around the campfire. haha it was THE cutest thing ever.

on the way to work this morning, I was thinking about how great life is.
 I am so grateful for so much in our little life.
we are so blessed, and I really want to focus on that in march!

I love you all! xoxo


  1. I'm loving your thankful outlook for the month! I think I'll follow suit because I have plenty to be grateful for myself! That little campfire, oh my goodness. SO precious!

  2. HAHAHAHAHA noooo way you're my duff you crazy! Love you long time!

  3. That dress blew my mind! #teamblueandblack And STOP with his adorable fire! I teach CTR 4's and I NEED to do that!

  4. Blog shout out for Kate and Taylor. Woohoo! We love you two. Can't wait for TONIGHT.

  5. That's the cutest little "campfire" I've ever seen!!!! You seem like you had a great weekend and YES to PF Changs!!!!!

  6. That campfire is the best idea I've ever seen! Love it. We used to teach the four year olds and I totally wish we could've come up with awesome ideas like that!

  7. Taylor and his campfire?! GET. AT. ME.

  8. How cute is that campfire?! Teaching primary is the BEST. Sounds like you had a great weekend :)

  9. I was reading news articles about #thedress hoping that would clear things up and maybe explain why some people see white and gold and not blue and black, and it seems like it has something to do with the brightness and contrast of the photo on differing screens. Although when I told my in-laws about that(we were texting about it), my father-in-law said that he and my mother-in-law both saw the picture on the same screen and he saw blue/black and she saw gold/white. Sooo I don't get it.
    High school love stories really get me too. I think it's because I had a real tragic first boyfriend/first love relationship in high school. Talking about this just made me want to watch 10 Things I Hate About You!!

  10. I have so many things to say but i'll try to narrow it down... so A) is taylor's tie tucked into his shirt so that it doesn't accidentally catch on fire? smart. B) i have never even heard of this duff movie. i'm intrigued. C) christie & brooks took daxton to the movies?! i need to know exactly how they did this! i have never in my life felt brave enough to try it. D) i love you.

    1. HAHHAHHHAH taylor's tie catching on fire. dying. hahahah also, they dropped daxton off at her parents house. the duff was super funny!!