if you follow me on instagram, you may have seen that I started the bikini-body-guide yesterday!
I've been researching the bbg for about 2 months now, and following kayla (the creator) on instagram.
don't follow her unless you want to be completely 100% motivated by the transformation pictures.
I finally showed her instagram account to my cute workout buddy, jadey.
and then we both got even more obsessed about doing the bbg.
and SO, here we are. day one complete! and 12 weeks to go! haha!
but we are really pumped, and are hoping to see some awesome results (especially right before summer!)
^just look at how good our form is!^

before we started yesterday, we were looking at the day 1 circuits and we both said, "oh, that's not even bad!"
uh. wrong.
like probably the hardest workout I've ever had.
and I (used to) think I'm pretty tough.
this was 10x harder than: p90x, insanity AND jillian michaels COMBINED.
(the intensity of it may be a little affected by the fact that I haven't been able to do ANY cardio for a month because of my dang cough and weak lungs. i was literally dying. and crying over the fact that I felt so fat and was SO ANTSY TO RUN. so I mostly just pouted while I ate tubs of ben and jerrys on the couch. HA this is my life.)

jadey and I have been running/workout buddies for almost two years (!!!), and this seriously kicked our butts.
we were one hott sweaty mess.
thank goodness it was raining last night, because we literally stood outside after each circuit complaining that it was too hot outside. HAHA
so, if you've considered doing it for awhile, I am happy to be your real-life sacrificial lamb--I'll give you the good and the dirty about it.
but a quick p.s.: the first thing that intimated me was the equipment needed for the bbg. 
jadey and I didn't want to go to a gym to do it...I knew I'd need a good ground to lie on after each circuit, and I didn't really want to lay like a pancake on the gym floor (but I'm seriously giggling a little just thinking of that image)
BUT kayla has some ways to substitute some of the equipment.
and I've been following other girls doing it, and learned what they used instead.
so all you really need are:
and some sort of sturdy furniture to use as a workout bench

today is ACT testing for the juniors.
and I feel so bad for them as I watch their little stressed faces while they clumsily punch numbers into their calculators.
and then their faces scrunch up as they look from their calculator to the test booklet and can't find a matching answer.
It's times like these that I do NOT miss that phase of life--and they still have all of college ahead of them. poor poor children.

but then again, I was complaining all last week because I have to "re-certify" my teaching license.
and I had to make a whole portfolio and watch all these dumb videos.
does it ever end!?
but I'm happy to announce I am officially done with recertification--wahoo!

anyways, wish us luck on day 2!
(my body already hurts...)

oh, and:
currently reading: sarah's key
just finished: where'd you go bernadette?
(super quirky read--definite recommendation)


  1. sarah's key is one of my favorite books of all time - let me know how you like it! also, GET IT GUUUURL. you are awesome. xo

  2. Keep it up, girl! I'll just live vicariously through you on these work outs. ;) Haha...congrats on recertification!

  3. You go girl!! I really need to get back into working out. I mostly just need it for the energy ha!

  4. I got her bikini body guide too and I'm kinda looking forward to trying it after my half training is over! I LOVED insanity but hated it all at once. I have a feeling I'd have a love/hate relationship with THIS Kayla! LOL so funny. Those pictures are killing me. Girl you're so dang cute, even after an insane workout! How do you do that?!

  5. You're blog is one of my favorites because it is so real and I always laugh :) I don't know if I have your dedication, but good for you!! haha.

  6. haha i'm dying laughing reading your comments about bbg because i felt the same way! i literally did week 1 and week 2 about a thousand times because i would get so sore and not be able to walk for a week, then try again, repeat... i'm on week 4 and i can actually notice myself getting stronger which feels great. good luck!!

    1. ahhhh good to know!! haha, I am so sore already!

  7. Y'all are precious. I love BBG so much. I'm on week 7 and have never felt better. Keep with it and keep having fun with it. They are intense but all for a good reason!!!

    1. week 7!? oh my gosh...you're my hero. were you super sore after every day!? i am sooo sore! haha!

  8. Uhhh can I come work out with you?! Hahaha you guys look so fun! Good luck with your bikini bodies

    1. yes yes! the more the merrier! hahah!

  9. You go girl!!! :) You should link up with us, we're doing a #4weeksfit challenge this month and this fits right in! :)

  10. i'm so proud of you guys! so intense! and i'm so glad you're reading sarah's key! loved it!

  11. Well done girl - I did 6 weeks of BBG last year and then stopped (for no apparent reason!) But I am hoping to start again soon x

  12. You go girl! I love that everyone is on such a fitness kick!