easter decorations!

a little peek at our easter decorations!
one of my favorite seasons--with the cute printables, fresh flowers, and extra pictures of our redeemer around the home!
 ^these little eggs light up, too!^

I am getting so excited for easter sunday!

I am so ready for a weekend full of this guy!
just one more week until SPRING BREAK!
I can hardly wait!
me and him are really excited with how things are turning out in our little life.
except, I found that I'm constantly looking forward to the next "step," and I really need to concentrate more on the now.

I hope each of you have a great weekend!


  1. I love that you decorate for every holiday, so cute!

  2. so darling! where did you find all of those cute printables?

  3. I LOVE how much you decorate for these holidays!!! :) you're the cutest. Oh wait... those burlap bunnies are too. AH!

  4. I love all of the printables!! I am a big fan of using them too - easy/ cheap decor bc all you have to do is print a new one for each season :) Happy weekend!!

  5. I find myself doing the same thing! Looking forward to the next step in life... Haha. I need to be better at appreciating the now too! Anyway your decorations are way cute! Love the eggs lights.

  6. Such cute decor! I LOVE Easter and love sprucing up our house with fun colors and items! :)

  7. that bunny banner is adorable!!

  8. I can't get over these decorations! You're motivating me to AT LEAST put up one printable. The laziness abounds in my place!

  9. can't get over how obsessed i am with your apartment/decorating style. it's perfection.

  10. Ughh I'm right there with you. It is so hard to stay in the moment sometimes, but so good when we do.