taylor and I went to prom this weekend! ...as chaperones. haha
I'm the junior advisor, and the juniors were in charge of prom, so it was a big night.
the girls who planned it though did such an amazing job!
me and the boy had our fingers crossed for prom king and queen...which we didn't get.
I also had my fingers crossed for a kiss on the front porch...which I did get.
being married made taylor about the best prom date ever by nights end ;) HA
(gosh, dad, I have to apologize to you way too much on here)
also, I think I had more butterflies slow dancing with taylor this weekend than I've had slow dancing with any other human.
the magic--still exists with us little lovebirds.

we really did have a lot of fun chaperoning though.
my students are too too cute.
UM, but at 3:30 THAT DAY I found out there was NO DJ BOOKED.
talk about a potentially disastrous situation.
LUCKILY, I had texted the DJ that was supposed to have been booked and asked him what time he was coming.
when he texted back with, "I don't even know what event you are talking about! We don't have Orem High booked."
I had a mini stroke and thought, "is this some kind of a sick joke?"
turns out there was a huge miscommunication with scheduling (and it was actually the dj's fault--he never got it down in his calendar!)
but can you imagine if I hadn't have sent that text?
no DJ!? that would have been sooo bad!!
anyways, it all worked out in the end, and the night went so smooth!

^oh and don't forget the must-have-prom-selfie as I waited for taylor to finish getting ready. HA ironic.^

here's our "sad we didn't win king and queen" picture. HA
but guys. let's talk about girls scout cookies.
there is a GARAGE FULL next door to us.
which is the best/worst thing ever.
the best? because we have an unlimited supply.
the worst? because we have no sense of having to "save the cookies!"
and also...it hurts the wallet a little after about 15 boxes. HAHA

and also! bachelor finale!!
I loved becca, but I think chris and whitney make such a good couple.
what do you guys think?
also freaking out a little about the britt/katelyn season. like whhhhaat? why change what's not broken?
I really do like them both A LOT, but I think I'd like watching katelyn better.
but I'm reallyyy curious about anyone else's thoughts who watch??

I've been at school since 6am and will be here until 4--same with tomorrow.
oh, and thursday too.
i love student council---but this part sucks.
I'm tired.
and hungry.
and taylor just brought me in-n-out (literally two seconds ago)
so now I feel guilty about complaining HA
life just got a little better again.

p.s. on week 2 of BBG
but last week I was more sore than I've ever been in my entire life!!
and that is saying something!
let me know if you're part of #kaylasarmy too!


  1. I'm officially so jealous of your job. That would be so much fun to work with teens all day long. As an Event Coordinator I cringed when I read where you said there was no DJ booked...I would have freaked out! Glad it all worked out!

  2. HA you guys are the cutest! I think you should have won. Also, Bachelor - I love becca! 2 bachelorettes!? SO wrong!!! So weird! and oh my gosh I love the girl scout cookies.

  3. I'm not going to lie. I was really you and Taylor Ray took the mic and did the DJing yourself... because that would have been the BEST. Glad crisis was averted... and SO GLAD THAT THE GARAGE NEXT DOOR TO ME DOES NOT HAVE ALL THE COOKIES. because that... that would be a disaster.

    you interview student council?! that might be genius. tiring, but genius!

  4. Okay you two are ADORABLE! How fun to go to prom with your husband! I've always told my hubby that I wish we could've known each other in high school so we could've gone to prom together... how can I sign up to be a chaperone?! HA! And I honestly was a little bored with Chris this season so it was hard for me to get excited about Whitney or Becca. I mean, they're both adorable but it's just boring to watch them together. I don't know... Chris is a little robotic IMO. And two bachelorettes? What the heck? I like them both but I still wish they would've picked just one. I have no idea how it will play out...

  5. So adorable as always. I wish I had easier access to girl scout cookies, but you're right - it's probably a good thing I don't. Ha! I definitely wanted Chris to choose Becca, but I also don't really feel like he's totally into her. It just seemed like he liked Becca more, but Becca wasn't ready for that commitment. Ugh. I don't know, but I have a bad feeling it won't last. I also feel really weird about the new Bachelorette format. Seems a bit chauvinist to me - the guys choose who would make a better wife?! UGH. I'm definitely Team Kaitlyn, though.

  6. You two are hilariously cute!!

  7. Haha - the Bachelor hasn't finished in SA yet but I had already read the final 3! A double bachelorette - WHAT???
    You two are so cute at prom x

  8. Aahahaha! That part about crossing your fingers for prom king and queen and for a goodnight kiss! Hahaha! Also that picture of you two eating cookies - hehehehe! I found out my husband didn't go to any of the prom's in high school, and I was like, "Logan, someday you're gonna need therapy and you'll discover that it all stems from not going to your senior prom, you weirdo." (Not making fun of people in general who get and/or need therapy. I believe in it.)
    So what happens during student council interviews? Why are you up so early??

  9. You guys are too stinkin' cute! & girl scout cookies are always THE answer :P

  10. Ya'll are just so freakin adorable with your little prom pictures lol! I'm right there with ya - I loved Becca but Whitney and Chris are pretty cute ;)