i'm back!

wow, the last few weeks have been cuh-razy.
it was the end of term 3 last friday (still can't believe we are in TERM 4!), and I hate the end of term more than wearing pants (which if you know me, you know I hate pants HA..if it was acceptable to walk around pantsless all day every day, I would do it in a heartbeat).

the end of the term is always the same.
I come home and complain to taylor, and try not to be as mean to him as I was to some of my students.

Here are the questions I get about 15 times a day the last week of term.
#1. second to last day/last day of term: "I have an F. what can I do to pass?"
UM. well, I'm currently helping 20 kids who actually tried all term, and it's really hard to help you when you have a 32% in my class.
seriously, if they came to me ONE WEEK earlier I would be sympathetic.  But the last day of term!? really??

#2. when I give students assignments they can do to bring up their grade and they say, "I don't really want to do that though.  What else can I do?"
how about...go back in time and actually try?

#3. "Mrs. Gilbert, what's my grade? Am I passing?"
If you have to ask me that, then no, you are probably not passing.

#4. "Mrs. Gilbert, what am I missing?"
I spend time putting every assignment online so students can print/download them AND have an organized system in class that they can find missing assignments.
It drives me NUTS when students want ME to look at their grade and tell them everything they are missing.

#5. "Mrs. Gilbert, if I turn in this assignment, what will my grade be?"
um, hold on a second please, while I calculate in my head exactly how this one assignment will affect your grade (especially since each category is weighted).
so instead I respond with, "it will either make your grade go up, go down, or stay the same. turn it in at your own risk."
BECAUSE DUH. you should turn in anything you have a zero on.
I mean, c'mon!!

anyways, by the end of the day, there are chunks of my hair lying around my feet (that I pulled out myself) and my forehead is bruised from banging it on my desk.
so yeah, I'm a real treat when taylor comes home.
but HOORAH for the end of term.

ANYways, some things that kept me sane last week:

+exercising with tayrayg!
especially when he lets me collapse on the grass and take pictures instead of running stadium stairs. HA

(p.s. still love the BBG. this is week 4! wahoo!)

+quality sister time

helping my sweetest little sister through a break-up this weekend.
that's not a happy thing--but fresh flowers, ice cream, quality time, and using my new stationary were highlights. ;)

+nightly walks with the handsomest guy of all handsome guys

 the other night we ended up on a hill overlooking the city.
it was dark, and the city lights were incredible.
we just sat there together for awhile.
we talked about life and the future.
and I stretched out his sweatshirt sleeves because my hands were cold.

I still can't believe we are in TERM 4!
summer is just around the corner!

Happy Wednesday, lovelies!!


  1. Man that would seriously drive me nuts to be a teacher when kids were asking all of that! More power to ya haha :) Also, yay for nightly walks and summertime just around the corner!! :)

  2. I have so much sympathy for teachers- you guys ROCK and put up with a lot! :) Hang in there!!!

  3. I can't imagine being a teacher - NO THANK YOU! Ha! But you go girl. You're doing it! Aren't nightly walks the BEST?! They are prob my favorite part about Spring! I hate being cooped up all winter long!

  4. Seriously, I love all your posts about teaching! Too great!

  5. After student teaching this semester I totally understand everything about the end of the term! Seriously the worst! Hah

  6. End of the term!!! WOO HOO!!!!! And that can only mean that Spring and Easter are coming... x

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    1. Hey, imagine that! I hate wearing pants TOO!! As my future children get older, I don't know what I'm gonna do cuz I'm pretty sure I'll have to wear pants all the time. While they're little I'm thinking I'm still safe from them understanding what I'm doing.
      Hahaha!! I'm cracking up at those questions your students ask you. It totally reminds me of being in high school with those kinds of students. Poor Kelli! So stressful. But so funny.

    2. hahhaa seriously my worst fear about having kids!! pantsless saturdays and afternoons are no longer!!

  8. This is so sweet and you're obviously a saint because I could never deal with kids who slacked all quarter telling me they don't want to do that assignment to raise their grade. Nope. Just nope.

  9. I feel like this has been THE FASTEST SCHOOL YEAR EVER! I'm definitely amazed how fast it's flying by!!! Love that you took such great care of your sweet sister - she's got a great role model in you (and Taylor)!

  10. hi. you're the cutest high school teacher i've ever seen.