chicks night

caution: really stupid easter puns throughout this whole post.
you've been warned.
last weekend, I had a few of my favorite girls over for "chicks night" in honor of easter. 
get it?
I can't take credit for the name though--christie came up with it.
but I love it, and want to do it every year! haha!
I was so hoppy to get my girls together for another girls night!

let's get cracking on what happened on this eggciting night!

 we had SO much fun.
we went back to jr-high times and watched a "chick-flick" while "decorating our nails" (instead of decorating eggs.)

look at how perfectly timed this picture is:
so bunny, I know.

 I was stupid and forgot to get a picture before everyone hopped home.
but here's most of our crew at chicks night!

I remember when I first moved to Utah (and then again when some of my roommates started moving away), I wondered if I would ever really have the close girlfriends that I had in high school and in the first years of college.
but friendships just keep getting better and stronger as I grow older.
and I am SO grateful to have a house full of girls that I am filled with love and appreciation for!

no one was chicken when personal story time came up. 
too many laughs, too much TMI (does that even make sense...too much, too much information? haha!), and I'm not eggzagerating when I say that we acted like jr high kids for the majority of the night.

i'm a strong believer that girls night is good for the soul!


  1. This seriously looks like a blast and I'll take any excuse to get together with my friends. Those type of get-togethers are few and far between for me now that I moved away from home, but it just makes me cherish them even more!

  2. all you cute chicks look so hoppy! :) I love girls nights and seriously miss living by all my besties in Utah! How fun that you have so many good friends so close!

  3. HAHAHA "i lost my virginity and now i want it back." thanks for the fun night, kel! you're the best!

  4. Girls nights for the win! What a treat ;) seriously I'm cracking up through all these photos. Especially the one about losing the virginity, HA!

  5. For a second I thought you dyed your hair red! That red-haired girl in the "perfectly timed" picture looks just like you in that picture!! Then I still thought it was you in the picture below until I saw you below her, hahha. Anyway, you look cute as a redhead! :)

  6. Hahaha great night for sure! We need to have a May Day or some other made up reason for a girls night!!

  7. LOVE this idea for chicks night for Easter!! New tradition for next year :)

  8. This is the cutest idea! Finding friends after school can be so difficult - what a great group of girls you've found :)

  9. This night was so much fun! I need girls nights like this 😀