a gilbert target saga

last night we visited the place we frequent the very most:
target, of course!
(i am a target addict, through and through)

so I thought I'd give you a little glimpse into what our target trips almost always consist of:

first, the car ride.
I chatter the whole way there, and, if I'm driving, almost get us into a few accidents; for which taylor will complain that if I don't kill him in a car accident, I'll kill him with the weak heart he has from all of the "car-accident-scares." 
"so either way, you're killing me."
great, thanks, babe.

BUT last night, taylor drove, AND we almost got into an accident. HA
it was exhilarating, because after we survived, I got to say, "hey, look, it wasn't even me driving!"
(...to sum up, I'm a bad driver. and taylor is too, sometimes ;)
(alsooo, dear dad: i'm exaggerating a little on all of the car accidents. except for the one last night)

then, when we get to target, I will grab a cart, and taylor will say, "you need a cart? I thought we were just coming for a few things?"
to which I always respond with, "oh dearest taylor, sweet sweet taylor. you ALWAYS get a cart at target."

then we start THE LIST.
when i'm on "list-mode," I practically drag taylor around as I run through the store.
It's kind of funny actually--it's the one time that the person twice my size has to run to keep up with ME.
...this was actually one of the first "fights" we got in.
we were in a halloween costume store (two weeks after being married), and apparently, I was doing my "drag-taylor-around-and-run-from-aisle-to-aisle" thing.
he grabbed me by the shoulders, stopped me in the middle of the store, and said, "kells, I can never go shopping with you if you keep this up! let me enjoy the store!"
and then I realized that I only have my mother to blame--because we had to RUN our little legs off to keep up with her in grocery stores.
 I swear she did it to induce nap-time or something.

ANYways, I apparently, STILL do it--sooo, still working on that one. ;)

then, we start to add a bunch of stuff to the cart that we don't really need.
and when I realize that we don't reeealllyy need those lime-zesta-flavored wheat thins, I take them out of the cart and stick them on the nearest shelf.
taylor will give me the, "are you really going to be one of those people?" look.
(you know, the people who don't put things back in the right place)
and I respond with a "if it bugs you so much, you take it back" look.
and then with an exasperated sigh, and zero words spoken, he will take the item back to its correct location.
(just a disclaimer: when we were first dating, taylor told me that this is one of his biggest pet peeves...so I purposefully do it just to watch him squirm.  it's a silent battle we have. him waiting to see if I'll really leave it, and me waiting to see how long it takes for him to give in. HAHAH

next, it's time for the "bet"
I looked for an item last time I was in the store, and couldn't find it anyyyywhere.
(and I KNOW my target)
so then taylor will say, "they've got to have it. you must not have looked hard enough, kells."
and I say, "be my guest."
and silently follow him around while he looks for said item.
last night, the item was bubble bath.
(we looove our bubble baths. HA)
and lo and behold, there was no bubble bath.
(at least NONE that I could find)
so I won. (of course ;)

at this point, it's time to head over to the dollar section.
but not before taylor says, "kells, I come to the store with you to be with you, so put your instagram away."
to which I say, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, iloveyousomuch. I'm addicted and need addiction recovery, will you please admit me to the nearest institution?"
and taylor will respond with, "If I'm admitting you at an institution, I'll admit you for lots of other stuff too. like #1. for being crazy."
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, iloveyousomuch."
taylor: "stop."
me: "did you forget about the instagram thing yet?"
taylor: "nope."
me: "dang."

and at the dollar section, I try to convince taylor that I need everything there.
until he asks me, "what would you do with that?"
me: "I don't know, but it's SOOO cute."
and THEN we find the little kid sock section, and taylor goes to town.
this is easily his favorite past-time--buying me little kid socks. HA
but they really are my favorite things in the world. 
and I say, "okay, pick TWO."
and he says, "okay, got it."
and then somehow, when we are checking out, there are six on the conveyor belt.
and he looks at me and smiles and says, "but look! there was ninja turtles, and elsa, and jake, and thomas the train! how could I only pick two? just thing how in-style you're going to be when you're playing with your nieces and nephews!"

and then after checking out, taylor leaves me in the dust as he exercises the "little boy" in him and rides the cart all the way back to the car.
and I try to take blurry pictures, but mostly laugh, and try not to get hit by cars in the parking lot

please feel free to join us anytime you'd like.
we enjoy each other a little too much.


  1. haha kelli, you guys are the cutest. i seriously have a target issue, too - what is it about that place? i need it all! also, that thing where you put everything back on the wrong shelf when you decide you don't want it? we are soul-sisters. and it drives jordan batty! (and sometimes i litter, too and he just loses it. haha)

  2. Target seems to be the downfall of everyone. I regret nothing, though. How cute are those socks?! I'm glad he didn't just pick two! I always find myself walking out of the dollar section with twine or something random and then realizing I'll never, ever use it.

  3. WHAT we just looked for bubble bath there too and I couldn't find it anywhere and I was so upset! Hahaha love you two

  4. This is too funny!! My husband hasn't braved Target with me. I'm thinking a trip should happen soon ;)

  5. hahahah oh my you and I need to go to Target together because I'm the exact same way. I can't tell you how many times people have given me the "you're really just going to leave that there" look. And not to mention me and the dollar section. I can't resist it!

  6. The first picture is what shows up on the screen with a little blurb from your post and I literally made a terrible joke in my head and thought to myself that your post should have been titled Target Socka.... and then I promised myself I wouldn't tell you....but I couldn't help it. Ok. I'll see myself out now.

  7. This sounds like our trips except I'm Taylor and my hubs is you!!! But no little kid socks for me :(

  8. LOVE this! I want to come to Target with you guys... x

  9. That picture of your bunny sock-feet is really cute and funny! Also: loving the wellies!
    "The bet" is hilarious to me because it's such a notorious problem between husband and wife—men are terrible at trying to find things. (I don't like stereotypes, but from what I have seen from my parents and my siblings and their husbands and my marriage, this reigns true.) So I know how you feel when you're like, "if I can't find it, I know you can't." Haha! Besides, isn't Taylor a bad looker anyway? I remember you posting something about how he'll be looking for something, give up really quickly and want you to find it for him, at which point you find it in under 60 seconds. So funny!
    Okay, last thing. I also really love the dollar section. It kills me every time.

  10. Kelli,, I am glad you put my mind at ease about the driving! Whew. I wonder what the Target trip would be like with you and Marci together.

  11. KELLI! I think the 4 of us need a target trip. Bah! How fun?! Socks are a weakness of mine, and let's be honest...target in general!