spring break part 1!

spring break 2015 was one for the books!
it's breaks like these that make me realize how awesome my job is. HA

BUT first, EASTER!
because I didn't blog a thing about it.
taylor woke up to a little easter egg hunt in our living room.
I told him that the eggs were only hidden between our couch and the tv (maybe a 10x20 area)
and it took me like 30 seconds to hide them...they were not intended to be tricky.
but OH MY GOSH, you guys! taylor is THE WORST egg-finder EVER! hahahah!!
like seriously--he needs major practice.
he had to ask for HINTS. HINTS!
and I'm talking easy hides--hidden ON TOP of the flowers in the flower vase, hidden behind a pillow on the couch.
but after him searching for like 20 minutes, and begging for hints, I finally gave in.
I was dying though. 
I never knew he was so bad at easter-egg-hunting. HAHAHHA

we had such a fun easter with our gilbert family.
and I especially loved general conference cuddled up to my gilbert boy!

then for spring break we headed to my dear california!
I flew down on Monday and Taylor drove down on Wednesday with his parents.
and a quick moment for the most awesome airport story:
since I booked the ticket so late, the cheapest flight I could find had a four hour layover in LA (such a bummer), and had me arriving in sacramento at 6pm.
when I got off of my first flight, I had a voicemail from the airline saying that my flight was delayed by 3 hours!
which means that I would have a SEVEN hour layover! could've driven there faster!
I called my sister, marci, and was sooo bummed.
then she had a brilliant idea to see if there were any other flights going to sacramento.
I looked on the board and there was one leaving in 20 minutes! ah!
so I ran to the ticket counter and LUCKILY they had a seat open!
they handed me a new ticket and said, "we are boarding in 1 minute!"
Didn't even end up with a layover!
so I got into sacramento at 3 instead of 6!
it was pretty great.

our trip was incredible.
A LOT of snuggles with my cute cute cute nephews.

and, our mom introduced us to geocaching!

her new favorite hobby!
at first, we went just to appease her.
but now we are addicted!
it is SO SO fun!!
get on the geocaching train.  you won't regret it!
^this was one my little brother placed! it was SUCH a good one!!^

^found it!^

 and here's the liiiitle teeny tiny one we found when we were back in utah!
seriously, it's so fun.

lots more about our trip coming soon!
(sorry for being MIA)

but gosh, I miss this big sister of mine!
we are just two peas in a pod, and have THE BEST time when we are together.
don't know what I would do without her!

also, taylor surprised me sunday and told me that for my birthday week he is doing ALL chores to spoil me.
that was pretty awesome.
so he went grocery shopping yesterday, and did all of my little "nightly" chores for me last night.
every day he asks, "what's on your schedule today, kells? all you get to do is relax."
pretttty great boy, if I say so myself.

today I had to be at work at 6:20, and it was THE WORST.
getting up at 545 practically killed me.
luckily I have a first period prep, so during my prep I literally locked myself in this little back office I have and curled up in a ball and fell asleep. HAHA

happy tuesday! xoxo


  1. your nephews really are the most adorable! and geocaching is the BEST! we love going at lake powell. and finally, your husband is so great, that sounds like the best birthday week ever!

  2. Wait I forgot it was your birthday week!! Need to see you again ASAP ;)

  3. You husband is so awesome to do all your chores for you, I love it! And I have an aunt who likes geocaching but I never really understood what it was, but it looks like fun, haha. And I so wish I had your teacher's schedule! I am currently in school but I also work so for my 'spring break' I just picked up more shifts... boo! I can't wait till I graduate and then I can actually enjoy my time off.

  4. Aw man, that is the cutest birthday gesture from your hubs - brownie points for him :)

  5. That's awesome you were able to find another flight so quick!! Traveling can be so stressful sometimes

  6. You guys are so dang cute. and your nephews are so adorable! So fun! Props to your wonderful husband! Seriously what would we do without these men!

  7. Yay for birthday week- it's mine too (20th!) and we've been doing little fun things the past few days. ENJOY IT!

  8. we miss you already! and OH MY GOSH the chore thing is THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT IN THE HISTORY OF PRESENTS.

  9. Can't believe your flight luck!! That never happens to me!!!! Definitely know about those at-work snoozes on early mornings. I fit under my desk, and I definitely take advantage of that some days!