valentines + highschool-isms

we had SUCH a wonderful valentine's day.
our valentine's tradition is to go out for a yummy breakfast and then avoid the crowds and make dinner together at home.
it's my favorite!
because the day is REALLY just about me and him as we snuggle up together at night (without feeling rushed at dinner, in big crowds, or trying to talk loud enough to hear each other in a crowded restaurant HA. seriously, adopt this tradition!)
we (taylor) made pizza and then cuddled up to a movie.
and we spent the whole day calling each other "valentine" and lots of extra, extra "I love you's"
I know there's a lot of hate surrounding valentine's day, but I think it is SO fun to just have a day solely dedicated to celebrating love!
and OH don't worry--the only picture that I have from valentine's day is this one taylor took of me at breakfast.
I guess we were just too busy with other things to take pictures ;)
HA, sorry dad. 

and now some funny stories:
the other day, we went with taylor's parents to some model homes.
they are going to build just about the most beautiful house and I am SO happy for them!
and while we were going down the stairs, I COMPLETELY biffed it, guys.
first I slipped feet first down the stairs, and then right when I thought I caught myself, I started falling head first. It was so embarrassing. and also kinda hurt.
and it brought back painful memories of when I fell down like 15 stairs at BYU in front of everyone. and yeah, life is funny.

the other night, taylor and i were folding laundry when he "whipped" a towel to straighten it out so he could fold it. you know what I mean?
but I walked past him right as he did it and he almost hit me with the towel!
I said, "babe! I almost got whipped!"
and he said, "it's about time! I've been whipped for a long time." with his cute little wink and half-smile combo.
I could NOT stop laughing. THAT WIT!

a few nights ago we got to hang out with our cute friends, christie and brooks.
guys, this is a real life instagram best friend.
we met through instagram awhile ago, and we swear we are long-lost-friends.
taylor is convinced we are twins because of how similar we are. HA 
plus, I'm in love with her baby.
so basically, I'm a huge advocate of meeting strange people via the internet.
HA, unless you're 12 ;)

and two high-school-isms for your thursday enjoyment!

the other day, a student raised his hand and said, "mrs. gilbert, I don't know if we banged hard enough."
uuuh what?
then he goes on (without even realizing what he said), "we didn't bang out this idea hard enough. We should talk about it more."
MUCH better, child. much better wording.
but the whole time he was talking, I was trying so hard not to lose it.
oh dear high schoolers.

I was grading ASL tests yesterday, and saw this:
"go feed the turtle and read it a book under the couch."
definitely not what I signed, but it killed me that this student thought I actually said that! hahahah!
best answer ever.
I couldn't even mark it wrong! ha

my dang cough is still not gone!
I haven't been able to run in 3 weeks and I am dyyyying!
I tried running last week and only made it about .2 miles before I coughed up my right lung.
and then I was up ALL night coughing from the extra stress on my lungs.
and I kept taylor up all night.
so I've decided to give it a rest until the cough is somewhat gone. BUT GEESH. be gone already!
I'm sooo antsy! and getting fat. HAHA
No worries, I'll just drown my sorrows in chocolate chip cookies.

ALSO. I am literally going to a hair stylist today and telling them, "what do you think will look good on me? cut + color?" and then trusting whatever they say. HA
sooo, yeah. we will see what happens.
but I'm going to a big-gig stylist, so that I actually trust them.
follow me on insta to see the result!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Happy Thursday! I love the idea of breakfast instead of dinner! Those high-school-isms are too funny :)

  2. Our Valentine's Day tradition is to make homemade pizza and watch a movie too! TWINS! :) And I really think it's BRAVE that you teach high school. I'm SO intimidated by teenagers for some reason.

  3. You're so brave to trust the hair stylist! I'm sure whatever they choose will be gorgeous, but I just don't have that kind of faith in strangers! Haha...maybe I should put that on my bucket list to try one time.

  4. Love the high school stories- lol! And I'm glad you lovebirds had a fun day- I'm all about a specific day to shout from the rooftops "I LOVE MY MAN!" ;)

  5. Hahaha love this! So glad I met my long lost twin! Send me a THOUSAND pics of your hair, I'm so excited for you, and you're so much braver than I am, it takes me months to decide on changing my hair haha

  6. HA you are the cutest! Love the falling down the stairs story! I am excited for your in-laws! Building process is so fun! You look stunning and that is our kind of V-day! Pizza and cuddling up to a movie! Perfection.

  7. You know I'm not dating anyone currently but I think I'm going to tuck away your Valentines Day idea. People put so much pressure on that day that they really miss out on each other. So cute!

  8. I went out to breakfast with my beau and I 100% agree that it is a lot better! We also spent the night with pizza and a movie ;) Great minds think alike! I tell my hairdresser "Do whatever you feel will look good" and she hasn't screwed up yet! Ha. Thank goodness :D

  9. i want to be in your class. or i wish you taught at one of our schools. that would be the BEST EVER.

  10. Love that idea of going to breakfast on Valentines! My hubby and I usually go out to dinner the day before/after the big day, but I think I like the idea of breakfast on the day of better!

  11. I loved this post - especially because it made me feel like we were having a good chat over coffee (or tea for me!) Good luck with the hair my friend, your hubs and being whipped and that student comment are hilarious and yay for online friends x

  12. Ooo I'm excited to see your new hair! That'll be so fun! Where/to whom are you going?
    About your cough, if you're the kind of person who isn't opposed to taking medicine/prescriptions, you should try to get a cough suppresent prescription, Dextromethorphan. Take it at night, that way you(and Taylor) can get some sleep! I had it once and it was heavenly relief!!

  13. kelli i love your v day idea - breakfast and a night at home? genius. also that picture of you at breakfast is real cute. also your high school stories always make me LOL.

  14. K cutest tradition ever and you spent the day calling each other Valentine! My heart! Awww. pitter patter. you cuties! Happy love month! I'm hoping you'll blog about how the hair appointment went, you brave pants!

  15. first of all your eyes look amazing in that first picture, so cherish that.
    also, what stairs at byu? please don't tell me south or west campus! pretty sure that would lead to death!

    1. it was actually just the inside stairs in the JKB. can you imagine south or west campus stairs? hahah! the worst!!

  16. So I want to know what you actually signed haha! I love that student's response though. DYING. And that picture of you and Christie? SO CUTE. Can I real-life meet her?!

    1. I said, "I will hide the book while you go outside. Then you will come in and look for it." HAHHA