it's definitely a monday

I've been fighting a sore throat/cough for the last couple of days.
on saturday, I refused to be in bed all day, so we played all day with mom and dad gilbert.
but I think I pushed myself a little too hard; I woke up sunday sooo dizzy--I couldn't even walk without wanting to throw up!
and slowly, my voice has faded to zero.

today, I woke up with hardly any voice--which obviously causes a small problem when you teach all day.
so today quickly turned into a "30 Days" day
(teachers--this is the best thing you could buy! a lot of the episodes can be directly related no matter what subject you teach. PLUS there is always a great reflection/discussion topic afterwards. my favorite things for substitute days, or days like today HA
I actually learned about this from MY government teacher in high school!)
aaand I don't know whether to be offended when the students come in, realize I don't have a voice, and then make the connection--"wait, does that mean no notes today!? WAHOOO!"
and then they excitedly tell one another, "mrs. gilbert is sick! mrs. gilbert doesn't have a voice!"
I'm like, "gee, thanks, guys!"
but, at the same time, what high school student WOULDN'T prefer an easy day? ha

on top of all of that, I woke up to a sudden and horrible bloody nose (bye-bye pillow case)
and have already had two more since waking up!
so yeah, it's been a great monday. 

but today was made a little bit better when this cute guy brought me lunch:

and also. it's bachelor monday.

becca tilley commented back to me on instagram. HA
I freaked out like a teenage girl at a one-direction concert. 
is she everyone else's favorite on the show too? 
i love her. and now even more so! haha


  1. I barely got out of bed except for church this weekend - we are all getting sick! Hope you're feeling better :)

  2. You poor thing with your sickness and bloody nose. The worst. I haven't had a bloody nose since I was a kid so that would probably freak me out as an adult. How awesome that Becca wrote back!

  3. Is that chipotle I see?!! Sheesh girlfriend. You DO sound sick! No voice, bloody noses?! Not good!!! :( feel better cutie!

  4. Sorry you have been sick, that totally stinks :( and the bloody nose too! Sheesh!

  5. haha kelli we have had the worst case of the mondays, too - finding out i can't come to galentines, an extra early morning, and a half gallon of milk spilled on my carpet. haha! get better soon, and let's pick a day next week to play. i SERIOUSLY miss you.

  6. Hope you feel better! That sounds like an atrocious start to the week, but I am anxiously waiting for my guy to get home so we can watch The Bachelor! I love that you got a reply from Becca! That pushes her higher on my power rankings.

  7. bachelor mondays make it so much better. so thankful kelsey and ashley got the boot yesterday. whoop whoop!

  8. Sorry you're feeling sick! And yes, Becca is awesome. She's so real and cool. She might be too cool for Chris, actually.

  9. I'm pretty sure you're not the only one who had a rough weekend. I feel like everyone has been sick in one way or another. I was sick all day Sunday too :( I hope you feel better soon. In the meantime milk being sick :)

  10. ah that's awesome about becca's comment! she is my favorite!

  11. ah that's awesome about becca's comment! she is my favorite!