a gal-entines, indeed!

on friday night, I hosted a galentines party with some of my dearest friends!

we decorated sugar cookies for ourselves and for our sweethearts.
but a lot more for ourselves...HA
I feel like everyone was like, "okay, THIS one will be to take home." 
and then two seconds later, it had disappeared from the plate!
big thanks to mom gilbert for giving me her best sugar cookie recipe!

UM p.s. finding valentine-colored sprinkles AND heart-shaped cookie cutters the week of valentine's day is seriously impossible. 
so stock up now.
like for real.

then we made little "minion" cards to take home to our sweethearts.

and of course, there was SO much laughter, a few must-see youtube videos shared, baby-loving, and WAY too many #galentinesconfessions. HA
but oh my, this girls night was so good for my soul.
it's been awhile since I've just spent time with all girls, and it was exactly what I needed!

I wish I had been better about snapping more pictures, but I was just loving on every moment that was happening during that night.

 but I think this picture takes the cake:

and this is the one group picture that you can semi-see everyone
(even though three girls had already left!)
we've already planned our next holiday-excuse-get-together.
we will call it "chicks-night." get it? HA
we kill ourselves with our wit.

this was truly such a highlight this weekend!
(don't tell taylor....HA just kidding. ;) valentine's post to come!)

and I hope all of you are lucky enough to have a three day weekend, like me!
if you don't, I'll think of you while I'm shopping and reading all day ;)


  1. Yayayaha I've been waiting for this post ;) seriously the best night, and I'm glad I was semi clever enough to come up with the "chicks" night to sort of make up for my pig-loving, bad drawing, airport humiliating behavior.

  2. Love the idea of a gal-entines - so much fun!!! x

  3. Your life. You have too many fun parties! Haha someday I'll plan fun parties, too ;)

  4. How adorable! I love the minions cards! Enjoy your extra day, lucky duck! :)

  5. you're so adorable! girls nights are the best!

  6. Oh my gosh, this definitely looks like a night that's good for the heart and soo much fun!

  7. Such a fun night! You're the best Kelli! Also that picture is amazing =)

  8. so depressed i was out of town. buuut...chick's night sounds like a worthy alternative :) you are the cutest party hostess and i love you!

  9. Any excuse to get together with the ladies is always a great time. What a gorgeous group of ladies! :)

  10. um. this looks like the most fun party ever. i'm pretty sure we need to be friends. especially when there's cookies and one in a minion involved.

  11. Oh my gosh! I've got to find a way to get in on coming to the next one. You're darling!

  12. How do you know Brittany?? She was one of my good friends in our last ward. This is the funnest idea!

  13. man i want to come to these! I really want to come to chicks night!! hahahahha. i might need to plan a little utah getaway. hmmm