my favorite things

owning a home is SO fun.
but suddenly SO expensive.
and my to-do list never ends.
there is always something I "need" for the house. ha

before I do a full reveal (which may be different posts throughout the next few weeks, since we are working on one room at a time), I just wanted to share a few of my very favorite things about owning our home.

p.s. we are in LOVE with it.
every day (without fail), one of us says to the other, "I just LOVE our house." or "we are so lucky to live here!" or "we totally scored on this."
something to that effect.

so, a few of my favorite things:

1. our neighborhood!!
we live in just the cutest neighborhood.
last night, we went on a run through the neighborhood (actually, I ran, and taylor long-boarded behind me...he doesn't let me go alone when it's dark, and he didn't feel like running that late. ha), and we were loving looking at all of the cute houses.

2. I am in love with my new running routes.
just take a look at this:

I get so giddy to go running on these new routes!
our neighborhood has private access to this river trail, and it is amazing.
literally 20 feet from our house, and we are on the trail.
taylor and I have taken quite a few after-dinner strolls the past few weeks on the trails.

3. a backyard!
taylor looooves landscaping, so watching him mow our yard is like watching a two year old on christmas morning. 
we eat dinner on our patio furniture almost every night.
and it is divine.
and working out in my own backyard?

taylor and I love spending time outside...so it's no surprise that we have more furniture in our backyard than in our whole house. HA

and every evening possible, we are out by this firepit.

4. the cutest gas station down the road
is that possible? a cute gas station?
okay, it's not really cute. but we've gotten in this little habit of going down to the gas station just a few minutes away, and the cutest asian family owns it, and we are becoming their new best friends.
so last night after our run, and to "top off" our anniversary, we went to the gas station, got some yummy drinks, and then drank them out by the fire while we chatted.
....and the owners may or may not have given us a "delivery menu" for the gas station HAHAHA

5. peaking in on taylor in our office
 we haven't finished this room, but we are loving how it is already coming together.
and it's so fun that taylor finally has an office.
he walks into the door every evening with the mail in his hands, and after giving me a kiss, he goes and sits down at his cute little desk and opens up all of the mail.
it's darling.

hopefully this post didn't sound too "braggy," we are just so thrilled with our new little life in our dreamy home, and I had to share some of my favorite things!

can life be more perfect?
runs through a cute neighborhood,
followed by dinner on the patio, 
then a stroll on the river trail, 
topped off cuddled up next to the fire pit.

and tonight we are running away to park city to continue our anniversary celebration.
I cannot WAIT.


  1. so glad you guys are loving your new home. and let me just say, five years in ours, the decorating is still not finished haha have fun this weekend!

  2. Ahhhh brooks and I spent our first anniversary in Park City and I just love it! Love you two and can't wait to make many more memories in your cute home!!

  3. You guys sound like us too! We love our neighborhood too!! We've been out since August 4 because of renovating and I'm so ready to get back because I love walking around our neighborhood all the time!! I think I've killed our grass though. #oops

  4. How fun!! I totally get you on the "so expensive" and "never-ending to-do list." I totally thought that I'd have our house done in like 2 months, and here we are nearly 6 months later and I'm still not done! Haha but I'm getting close :) Can't wait to see reveals on your house :)

  5. That is not bragging it all. It's an exciting time in your life that deserves to be celebrated and shared. So happy for y'all. I am super jealous of the running trails. :)

  6. Not braggy at ALL. I am dying to own a home, military life throws serious curve balls at ya though ;)