telling taylor he's going to be a daddy!

I had decided to take my first pregnancy test Saturday morning, October 3.
It would be six days before my missed period.
But, I just couldn't wait!
I bought an early detector test and crossed my fingers it would work for me.

I didn't realize until we started trying how much I wanted a little baby of our own.
The days leading up to the test were the WORST.
I was looking for any possible symptom, and was constantly googling "earliest pregnancy symptoms"
I swear I googled that like 3 times a day hoping for new answers. hahah
I was desperate for any sign!

Friday night, I could hardly sleep!
I was soooo anxious.
I kept telling myself, "there's no way I can fail the test...I've NEVER failed a test. taking tests is the one thing I'm actually really good at!" hahah

I decided not to tell Taylor I was taking the test.
He thought I was waiting to take one the following tuesday.
After tossing and turning ALL night, I finally woke up at 6:30 in the morning and decided to take the test!
Waiting those 3 minutes...HOLY COW hahahah there's nothing like it.
I went into the bathroom and at first, my heart sunk.
there wasn't a second line.
but when I picked it up, I saw the faintest FAINTEST hint of a line.
like hardly visible.
I instantly got on my phone and started googling, "What does a faint line mean!?"
almost every answer was "if there is ANY hint of a second line, you're pregnant!"
but I still wasn't convinced.
So I ran to wal-mart and bought a digital test.
Taking the second test was even worse.
There was a big part of me that was believing I was pregnant.
But what if the second test said negative!?
what would that mean??

I took the second test (taylor was still asleep), and THOSE three minutes were even worse than the first.
I finally went in and looked--sooo hesitantly.
I like crawled into the bathroom to look. hahah
I did NOT realize how much I wanted this baby until that morning!
when I saw that it said "PREGNANT," I literally slumped against the wall and balled like a little baby.
I was sooo grateful!
It was one of the neatest moments between me, my heavenly father, and my new little baby inside of me!

A couple of weeks before, I had asked Taylor if he wanted to make a "breakfast video."
I told him I just had a cute idea and wanted to make one in our new kitchen.
He agreed, and never had a second thought about it.
LITTLE DID HE KNOW, I had this whole idea planned FOREVER. hahah

I let him sleep for awhile longer, and I went for a run with the little secret that was just mine and baby's.
I couldn't stop smiling and crying during that whole run.
there's really no way to explain that feeling!
^a little picture of the happiest little run of my life!!^

I was DYING to tell taylor but I wanted him to sleep in and enjoy his last few hours of his stress-free life. hahah
so when he woke up, I asked him if he wanted to do that breakfast video.
he agreed (whew!).
making breakfast that morning with him right there, trying to keep such a big secret, was the hardest thing EVER. 

so here is the little video of me telling taylor ;)
p.s. it took him FOREVER to drink the orange juice! 
Every time I drank from my cup, I was saying, "mmmm, babe, this orange juice is soooo good. you should drink some more!!" hahah
more baby stories to come!
(now that I can finally tell them!!)


  1. Such a precious idea! You'll always be so glad you have this awesome video to show your child!

  2. HAHAH I love when you sneakily look at the camera. So cute. Congrats! So many tears hahah

  3. Aww this was so cute!!! Congrats!

  4. This is heart melting! Brings back such fun memories--I just had my first baby, but remember telling my husband like it was yesterday! Oh, it's just the best!

  5. Stopping by from Little Misadventures' blog roundup - this is the cutest pregnancy announcement!!!! Adorable. :) :) :)

  6. Hahaha oh my goodness I love that he just started dumping out the orange juice everywhere hahaha! So great :)

  7. Oh this is so cute!! Congrats! Pregnancy is a wild ride!

  8. I just balled like the biggest baby ever!! So freakin sweet!! Congrats again sweet girl :)

  9. "I'm so excited, I'm gonna throw up." hahaha! the best

  10. hahah this is the cutest/funniest video ever!! Ha i love you eyeing him every time he picked up the orange juice haha. i'm 17 weeks pregnant so i'm currently obsessed with other pregnant mamas. congrats!!!

  11. Aww man, I just love this - it is amazing! Such a raw and real moment... You two are the cutest!
    And the orange juice being chucked on the counter... haha!

  12. This is so adorable, I cried watching it! You did a great job with the videography too!

  13. Congratulations Kel!!! That's so sweet (; I actually sent you a DM on instagram, could you check it out ? Hope you have an awesome new year!!

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  15. Hi again!! How are you feeling? I'm so sorry i messaged you a little bit too late :( It would have been great to have you on the video!!
    The video came out on the first and you can find it from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxBR7OaP9xg
    What do you think about the video? Would you be interested in collabing later this year? We have plans for Valentine's day and in May there will be a motherhood themed video. And in June a fatherhood vid :) Our email is milliandabe@gmail.com if you want to reach out <3 Have a great week!