lesson learned: don't show naked pictures to students

we had a really, really happy weekend.
I am still fighting a nasty head cold and cough---but alas, nature of the beast of winter.
it also snowed today for one of the first times, and it is so beautiful!
it makes me soooo giddy for the holidays!
we are traveling to my sweet home in california for thanksgiving, and we are sooo excited to get there next week!

tay and I chaperoned another orem high dance.
my senior cabinet was in charge of this dance.
and I was super proud of their hard work.
they even had a cute polaroid station for the students.
so fun!

soooo time for another beloved highschoolism.
whenever I search something online, I always freeze the projected screen "just in case"...you never know what will pop up when you are searching.
anyways, today was no different.
I was talking to my AP Gov students about first amendment religious rights, and I wanted to talk to them about the ridiculous pastafarian court case recently regarding DMV pictures.
have you heard about pastafarians?? 
go look them up. so funny.
ANYways, I pulled up the article on a news website, unfroze the screen and started to talk to the class about it.
they all started giggling, and I THOUGHT they were laughing over this picture:
but then there was so much weird chatter going on, that I couldn't figure out what was going on.
finally someone yelled, "there are naked pictures up there!"
I looked up on the screen and sure enough, on the side of the article was an ad that had a naked girl from the front and naked from the back.
like COMPLETE nudity.
I freaked out and ran over to shut off the screen.
HA the kids could not stop laughing.
so awkward and so bad.

immmmma looooose my job!
how did that make its way through the school wifi!?
and how did I NOT notice before I unfroze the screen!?
...and this is one school day after our "say not to porn" assembly we had on friday. HAHAHA
oh life. you are always keeping me on my toes!

counting down until thanksgiving break!!


  1. That is too funny!! I'm sure these teenagers (for the most part) have seen worse lo!

  2. Haha that is too good!! So fun you guys get to go to the school events, constant flash backs!

  3. I love these "highschoolisms". They are the best. I've always wanted to be a teacher, elementary or high school. (Middle schoolers are rotten.)

  4. OMG! Ha! I really hope the principal doesn't find out ;) you are hilarious. I swear you could write a book!!!

  5. SCHOOL WIFI FAIL!!! That's actually hilarious though. Timing is everything my friend. Timing is everything! Say no to porn!