gilbert update!

welllll hellooooo, there! 
I have been a little absent on this blog of ours.
I've been having some moral dilemmas about blogging after a few things that happened recently; so I have been reverting to my personal journal to document things.

buuut, I'm back for the time being!
life has been SO good to us.
we love our new home more than we can say.
we have been having so much fun entertaining all of our friends recently.
speaking of entertaining, taylor and I threw our annual Halloween party.
and it was probably the best one yet! 
we had sooo much fun!

in a very, very last minute change to our costumes, taylor and I were dwight and angela from the office. HA

just D and his monkey ;)
speaking of, the REAL angela liked my photo on instagram. 
if that's not winning, I don't know what is...

a few weeks ago, taylor ran out of gas for the SECOND time in ONE week and had to be rescued! hahahah I was laughing the whole way over there to bring him gas.
he called me the second time and said, "hey, kells, go outside to the backyard really quick."
"look down. do you see a little red gallon tank? yeahhh, I'm gonna need you to bring that to me."
haha I was like, "nooo way. you're kidding, right??" HA

 one of our favorite things to do in our new home is to have friends over for BBQing and s'mores by the firepit.  and sometimes, we bring out the giant jenga. SO FUN

we drove home to california last friday for the quickest trip ever.
but we couldn't miss my dear friend's wedding.
this beautiful girl was my best best childhood friend since she moved to our town in 5th grade.
we did everything together.
like think of that fairytale best friend relationship? that was ours.
we were addicted to each other.
when I left california to move to utah for college, she spent the night with me the night before and we balled on my driveway as we said goodbye.
being separated from her was one of the hardest transitions of going away to college.
 her wedding was sooo beautiful and I was beaming for her all night.
we've only talked occasionally the past 2-3 years (life got in the way), and I realized last weekend how sad that really made me.
we will always share the most special love for each other, and we have decided to make a weekly date to talk to each other again.
because as soon as we hugged, we balled like little babies haha
I won't ever be able to thank God for giving me such a special friend through childhood.

I also got to see two of my sweet other friends from high school!
me, michelle (far right), and jackie (bride) made the best trio.
tooooo many memories.
in fact, michelle reminded me of the only two times her and I ditched school:
1. to go buy matching calculators (which we thought could message each other...HAHAH)
2. go buy the book, The Host, that had just come out at Barnes and Noble.
....oh, and don't worry, both times we ASKED our teacher if we could ditch.
we were the biggest NERDS EVER
hahah michelle and I could literally tell the most embarrassing nerdy stories on each other.
like how we would literally cry if we got less than an A on ANY assignment.
and how we would get so excited to go to calculus, until we finally realized we kinda sucked at it.
and how we would stay in a teacher's classroom during lunch half of the time to do our homework together. HAHA NERDS
but I guess it ended up paying off for both of us ;)

while we were only home for about 24 hours, we tried to squeeze in as much family time as we could
and taylor couldn't get enough of baby zo-zo.
does this sight melt your heart? because mine is in a puddle on the floor.

I have been trying to get over a dumb head cold all week.
teaching with an unbearable sore throat = sooo awesome!!
SO ready for the weekend!


  1. You Halloween costumes are the best! hahaha You guys totally rocked it.

  2. I've missed your posts, I'm glad you're back! That's great that you got to visit your childhood friend again. I have a friend of over 20 years, and although we don't see eachother or talk often, when we do it's just like old times. I'm so thankful for friends like that. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. I missed you sweet friend - love the Halloween costumes. I often feel like that about high school friendships, it's so sad when life gets in the way x

  4. you guys NAILED that halloween costume!! so glad you were able to make the quick trip for the wedding! something is better than nothing - am i right?! (i'm totally right.) KEEP BLOGGING. please? you're one of my favs.