someone commented on our last blog post asking if taylor and I ever fight or disagree. HA
taylor and I laughed pretty hard at that.
YES, YES...and yes, some more.
There are quite a few things we don't see eye-to-eye on, and we definitely do have disagreements.
our arguments are fairly mild--we really do try to see the other person's point of view.
and luckily, we are both very quick to laugh and forgive.
in fact, when things get too heated, we have this "thing" we do, where someone can call a time-out.
and we aren't allowed to talk about it anymore (at least until we cool down)
but as soon as someone calls a time-out, it somehow always makes us laugh--probably because we are just so angry, and it always leads to ridiculousness.

anyways, the other day, taylor and I were arguing about something stupid in the car.
Taylor angrily tossed his phone on the dashboard, and it BOUNCED off of the dashboard and flew right into the windshield, and....

immediate STARBURST in our windshield. NO JOKE
When we saw the crack, we both sat there in silence for a couple of seconds, and then I just started laughing so hard. Like seriously, what are the chances??
I had a really hard time seeing through my tears (of laughter) on the freeway after that.
After I broke into laughter, Taylor started laughing....which ended our argument real fast. HA
The best part, is that he didn't even throw his phone at the windshield!
He just did like a flick of the wrist to toss it on the dashboard, and it just bounced, and hit the windshield!
HAHHA I die every time I think about it.
I told taylor (through hysterics), "I can tell you exactly how much this argument was worth." HAHHA

another story along those lines...
when we were unpacking boxes a few weeks ago, I wanted taylor to unpack a specific box, and he didn't want to unpack that one yet, but I was persistent that we unpack them in the exact order I wanted them unpacked, because my name is kelli and I'm a control freak.
Taylor wanted to wait to unpack this particular box until we bought this shelf thing.
Well inside that box, were these notes I had given him on our last anniversary---they were little "open when..." notes (like open when you need a laugh, open when you've had a hard day, etc.)
So in a really sassy way, I said, "Well, do you at least want to unpack these cute little notes I spent time writing for you? Or do you want those to stay in the box forever too?"
Taylor gave me his little half smile and said, "I'll take the notes."
So I handed him the notes (all annoyed, mind you), and he pulled out this one:
...and said, "I knew I was saving this one for the perfect moment."
As soon as I saw that, I started laughing/crying--because, I really was being REALLY annoying.

so yes, we do fight.
but I usually like to remember and record the really happy times.
so, sorry if it doesn't seem like we are a normal couple who have normal arguments. ha

on a different note...
it is seriously my FAVORITE month.
and I could not have lucked out more to have gotten married in october!
this year is taylor's year to plan our anniversary, and he already spilled part of his little secret that we are leaving town for the weekend for a little getaway.
soooo excited!!
we are turning 4 years old tomorrow, and I could not be happier!


  1. You guys are so cute! And that crack! Wow I cannot even believe that, it's like a freak accident, haha!

  2. OMG! I can't believe that crack... And all from a bouncing phone! Sorry friend x

  3. LOL... Taylor Ray and his phone. They really don't get along do they?!!?

  4. Hahaha well thanks for all the explanation :) But please, don't be sorry about only wanting to remember and record the happy times--I am totally the same way! And I think that's definitely the way to record life--to remember the positive and happy things. But it is interesting how in this age of blogging and social media, you see people recording all their happy and fun times, and it really does seem like that's all they have, so sometimes I just gotta ask if they're still normal humans ;)

    Happy anniversary! :)

    1. haha totally agree! I am so guilty of looking at other people and thinking..."uhhh are these people even REAL!?" haha!! WITH YOU, SISTA

  5. I'm pretty sure that crack was meant to happen for this post. What are the odds. Hope you have a great anniversary sounds so fun!

  6. i love all your stories. even though i've heard them before i laughed reading them hahahhaa. PS happy 4 years old tomorrow!!!!

  7. okay the crack in the windshield is so funny. you two are the cutest, and even though you disagree and fight (like any two normal people would) i still think you guys are a GREAT example of a strong marriage where you chose to see the best in each other as much as possible!

  8. I love when people keep it real with stories about fights and the other ugliness of life. It's so relatable and refreshing to know that it's okay/normal to have arguments, even with the love of your life. Happy Anniversary! I'm getting married this month, so yes, HAPPY OCTOBER!

  9. HAHA THOSE MOMENTS ARE HILARIOUS!!!!! I wish we had some even remotely close to as funny! But that gave me a good chuckle. I also love the thing you guys do of calling time outs.. GENIUS!