one last post of hawaii pictures!
so the day we left for hawaii was extremely hectic. it ended up being the SAME day we signed for our house.
which was NOT ideal. 
of course, life just works out that way--we bought hawaii tickets in april, and put an offer in on the house in july, and of course they ended up on the exact SAME day.
so we literally ran around with our heads cut off that day.
I actually signed the house papers in the front office of the high school during my lunch.
talk about stress. HA

so when we finally made it to the airport, ON TIME, with the papers signed, there was a big sigh of relief.
the picture above means so much to me--I can still feel that FINAL relief and much deserved excitement for hawaii!

in a 48 hour period, I had my first day of teaching for the year, signed papers on a house, and left for Hawaii. GAH
I was so stressed about which thing to be most excited for, that I had a hard time being excited for any of them!
but we were blessed when we ended up having a private jet from california to hawaii. HA
literally, there were like 12 people on the flight. 
Most people took their own aisle, but tay and I were just giddy little children about our house, that we didn't want to sit on separate aisles. 
we wanted to dream and plan and talk about how excited we were instead.
and we SLEPT like babies all cuddled up on that aisle, finally being able to relax.
the flight attendants thought we were "so in love" by not wanting our own aisles.
which...we are. but that wasn't why. we just couldn't stand to be apart when we were so excited about that dang house finally being OURS!
plus...we wanted to play cribbage...

so on our last day, we decided to drive up to see the volcanoes in kona.
one of the cool things about that particular island!
^see the smoke? so cool!...and so hot. see what I did there? HA^

^entering a lava tube cave! a cave literally created from flowing lava^

^inside the lava tubes with someone I lava ;)^

^notice the big crater full of smoke behind us!^

 okay, funny story. 
so the first day, I must have gotten too much sun.
I don't really get sunburned, so I didn't notice, but the next morning I woke up and my forehead was SWOLLEN.
the weirdest thing. 
we looked it up online and one of the main reasons was too much sun exposure--ding, ding ding!
so we went and grabbed a walmart hat for my poor little forehead.
the story needed to be documented...because it was just the weirdest thing I ever did see
(aaaand, tay and I may have had a freak-out moment thinking I had a sudden tumor at first...)

^and also this priceless picture!!^

 dinner every night in the prettiest little town by the water was just so fun!
I mean, look how prettttyyyy!

and of course some good ol' go-pro pictures to end the hawaii posts!

we seriously had a blast, and I am STILL dreaming about this trip.
buuut this school year has turned out pretty great so far--my students are incredible this year.

...and house updates coming soon! 


  1. Haha do you and Taylor EVER fight/disagree? Because you guys just seem to have the very cutest relationship ha :)

    1. Ask our poor car windshield about arguments :( haha

    2. This story NEEDS an explanation! Haha!

  2. HAWAII LOOKS LIKE IT WAS A BLAST! i love all these photos - in fact i'm a little bummed this was the last installment. also i need to come see your house gosh dangit!

  3. Thanks for making me want to quit my job and become a bum in Hawaii! haha. But seriously, I could use a Hawaii vacay about now!

  4. How can you be able to sign the papers AT WORK and then end up on an empty flight?!? You have the best luck ever girlie!!!! Those go pro pics are my favorite!!! That's seriously so cool! I've never heard about sunburn head swelling... That's terrifying!!

  5. Such a fun trip! Can not wait to see the new place!

  6. So cute and the whole trip looks amazing! Take me next time!