NYC day 2!

our second day in NYC was dear taylor's 25th birthday!
I had already given him his gifts before leaving for NYC (i'll post about that later!), so we mostly celebrated by divulging in yummy food, saying/singing happy birthday to him one million times, and by going to WICKED on broadway!
I surprised him with the tickets a few days before--something he had been wanting to do for years.
and it did not disappoint!

such a magnificent story and a talented cast! taylor and I were in heaven.

after the play, we headed over to the "original soup man" (from seinfeld, on my brother's bucket list).
we walked a few blocks over to central park to sit and eat the soup. it was pretty yummy.
we took our time strolling through the park, and I wanted to punch every runner going by out of pure jealousy.
I would looove to take a jog through central park every day!
taylor told me, "kells, don't worry. for your birthday, I got you an apartment on 5th avenue overlooking central park."
perfect! can't wait.
so yeah! we are moving to NYC in april!? alright!

we walked through central park until we arrived at laduree.
i'm not a huge fan of macaroons (i know, slap me), but these ones weren't too bad!

after walking down 5th ave, seeing some street performers, touring st. patrick's cathedral (SO pretty!), we headed over to the rockefeller center to go up on the observation deck.
and this (along with wicked), hit the top of my list.
such great views.
even if they did charge us $29 a person.
I told taylor I had our million dollar idea. we just need to build the tallest building and charge people $29 to get to the top.
the rest of the building can be completely empty!
so i think once we move to NYC, we will start building. great plan.

 our group of six had split up at this point, and so it was just me, taylor, and jamie.
I was dying to try BRGR so we made our way over there for dinner.
buuuut first my phone died.
and then taylors.
and then jamies.
and so we had to find it without any phones.
it was quite the adventure.
but guess what?
we arrived!
and i think this might have been THE best burger I've ever had.
and that's saying something--because I am a huge hamburger fan.
I was brave and ordered the "fresh morning" which had a fried egg on the burger.
sound gross? don't worry, it sounded gross when i ordered it, too.
but I figured I would go all out.
and WOWW i could rave about this burger all day.
in fact we went back the next day! ha! 
that good. seriously.
afterwards, we decided we wanted to find dessert.
our phones were all dead, but we figured if we walked a few blocks, we would stumble across something.
wellll...5 blocks.
then 10 blocks.
then 15 blocks.
then 20 blocks.
then 22 blocks later.
and we still hadn't found a single ANYthing. ha!

and of course, it was taylor's birthday, so that made me feel bad. ha
but we finally gave up (our feet were crying), and so we made our way back to the hotel.

so for those of you going to NYC soon, splurge on the ticket for the top of the rock, get a broadway ticket in advance (i searched forever, and finally found decent priced tickets with GREAT seats!),  GO TO BRGR and order the fresh morning, and bring your phone charger!
(because there were definitely five million outlets at BRGR, which was really depressing when we looked at all of our dead phones)

oh and hey, guess where I am again?
you got it.
an airport terminal.
the last five times i've blogged, I feel like I've been in an airport terminal.
and i'm reallyyyy tired of flying.
i want to be home and enjoying my last few precious days of staying in bed.
because SCHOOLSTARTSONTHURSDAY (for teachers, at least). ugh my face is crying.
but at least i'm headed to sacramento, the second best place to be in the world.
but you better believe i'm going to take a nap first thing. 
i had to wake up at 4am to catch my 6am flight.
I have no idea why I booked a 6am flight...
taylor wasn't super happy when I woke him up to take me this morning. ha!
and then we missed the exit, and he swore, and we both laughed so hard we finally woke up, so there's that.

I really hope everyone else is still in bed right now!
but when you awake--have a happy thursday!


  1. Wicked is so incredible. I've seen it twice from Broadway Across America and loved it, so I can't imagine how amazing it would be on BROADWAY! Those pictures from the top of the Rock are gorgeous. Putting that on my list, too. I feel like you're my NYC guide book.

  2. FREAKING OUT. completely freaking out and so glad that you went--and could make me extra excited to be in the big apple! also, i'm sold on BRGR. we are totally trying it. also--what the gorgeous blue eyes? you're a stunner! have fun in sacramento :)

  3. SO excited that you loved Wicked!! Those pics from Top of the Rock are PRETTY AMAZING TOO! (mine never turn out like that!) Brgr is tasty!!! I think my Hubs got that one too... and LOVED IT!!! So jealous of your NYC adventure...

  4. Ah I need to go to New York so bad now! I love your skirt by the way!