playing in NYC to end the summer!

on wednesday night we left on a jet plane to NYC!
it was a redeye flight--which I don't know if I would do again on such a short trip.
we arrived thursday morning at 8am eastern time--and so it was already time to get going on the day!
but MAN were we exhausted!
our whole trip was jam packed with things that everyone wanted to see.
the trip started with two people going.
and then four.
and then six.
I guess when someone says they're going to NYC, everyone wants to join!
but the more the merrier, right? right!

taylor's one job was to find our hotel.
and true to taylor's character, he found the cooooolest hotel ever!
it was about a 10 minute subway ride out of the city.
the hotel is a restored paper factory, and the design is phenomenal.
 if you're going to NYC anytime soon, I definitely recommend this hotel!

after dropping off our luggage and grabbing something to eat near the hotel (we were STARVING!), we headed into the city!
our first stop was strand book store, and taylor and I just about died.
I love that taylor probably loved it even more than I did.
he is the biggest bookworm--always listening to two audio books and reading an actual book at one time. 
it's crazy. haha
but seriously. 
heaven, right?

then we stopped at max brenner's chocolate across the street for the yummmmiest milkshakes.
i got the 80s shake, and it was SO good.
oh, and we also stopped at union square park! so pretty!
we spent some time exploring the streets of NYC while we made our way to friends corner!
and as soon as we saw it, I just about cried.
my sisters and I have been friends fanatics for years.
in fact, there was a period of time from age 17-20 years old where I didn't go a day without watching at least one episode. ha!
it was my go-to whenever I came home stressed from college classes.
so yeah, i was pretty happy about this particular corner of NYC.

then we headed down to the Highline and wowww seriously, SO beautiful!
you have to do that if you're in NYC!
and go through the chelsea market!
we were still so stuffed from our milkshakes so we didn't get any treats, but everything looked sooo yummy.
you get the greatest views on the highline, and it's so cool to look down at the thriving city, but then be completely surrounded by beautiful nature on the highline.

after walking the highline we went to dorado's tacos for dinner.
and my mouth is STILL watering!
I'm not even a huge mexican-food fan, and those tacos were soooo good!
we were lucky enough to meet up with one my cute friends, ellee, who now lives in NYC.
she was the cutest tour guide as she took us around to times square and rockefeller center.
and it was nice to not have to look at our phones every two seconds for directions, but instead just follow ellee around.

and to end our day, we decided to go down and see the LDS temple. 
it is right across from the Lincoln Center, so we stopped and relaxed on the steps of the lincoln center and took some really bad quality pictures.
and by the time we got back to the hotel, we all just crashed.
such a great first day in NYC!
more to come!


  1. Hold the phone - I'm going to need you to give me the name of that hotel! INSANE! It looks amazing!!! I'm pretty sure I needed to book a trip to NYC like 5 minutes ago.... ;)

  2. Aw Kelli! I'm so glad you had such an amazing trip out to NYC! And seeing you was the best!!!!!!

  3. AHH! I've been to NYC several times and have never done the highline! It's on my MUST DO list for the next time I'm there. Also, Friends corner?! I've never seen that, either! I think I'll just go there and wait for Chandler to come out.

  4. You guys are so dang cute. NYC is a dream! Love that place! Never been to Max Brenner's chocolate but I am obsessed with milkshakes! Sounds so good! And the LDS temple is so cool there! I love it!

  5. AHHH i love NYC! i got butterflies reading this post. also, i never asked you--how do you know ellee? she's the cutest!

  6. So jealousss. I want to go there so bad! Glad you had fun!

  7. Oh my goodness! I'm jealous of your trip already! I love Chelsea Market!! I haven't been to the highlight yet though!! red eyes can be so tough!! I don't envy that part!!