last day of NYC + the last day of summer break

on our last day in NYC we headed over to the famous city bakery for breakfast.
the mixed berry scone was to DIE for!
oh, and taylor got the hot chocolate, which was pretty much chocolate soup.
it was soooo rich. ha. 
and we heard they have THE best chocolate chip cookies.
and as a HUGE chocolate chip cookie fan, I will allow them to keep the title!
just a tip...cookies don't come out until 11am, so if you go there for breakfast, plan accordingly!
but yes. that cookie was SO good.

afterwards, tay and i walked over to union square park to sit and read.
such a nice way to spend a sunday morning!

after making a quick stop at grand central station, we headed over to the met.
p.s. if you didn't know, the met is "pay as you wish."
the tickets say they cost $25 for an adult, but you can give them $1 (or even nothing!), and get in!
just a friendly tip ;)

tay was WAY more into the met than I was.
but i followed him along and really tried hard to be entertained.
i just didn't get that art gene that he has...ha

oh, and I don't think I meant to snap this picture on my phone, BUT it made me laugh when I saw it, because it reminded me of what happened when we were sitting on these steps.
I had just leaned over to tay and said, "man, i've got the biggest wedgie."
and right as I went for it, a worker came up behind me and told us that we couldn't be sitting on the steps.
tay just laughed as I turned bright red.
so sorry, worker man!

for lunch, we headed over to BRGR for a second time. 
and then to serendipity!
(p.s. make reservations in advance...they fill up 3 weeks prior. it technically says you can't make a reservation for just dessert, but they wouldn't really know...so I would just do it.
OR, go check in, and have something to do for an hour and a half while you wait.)
oh and a word of warning, EACH person has to spend $8.50, so you can't split a frozen hot chocolate.
which was kinda a bummer, because none of us could finish it. 
but whatevs. they were sooo yummy.
and get the peanut butter one! it was even better than the plain chocolate!

 afterwards, we sadly made our way back to the hotel to pick up our luggage.
and after another long flight, we were finally back in our own bed!
seriously SUCH a fun vacation.
since we pretty much saw every touristy thing, tay and I are excited to go back and just sit in central park and spend our days reading, people watching, and relaxing.
because we kinda felt like we needed a vacation from our vacation after this trip! ha!
there was just sooo much to see and do in so little time!

and GUYS. today is it.
the very last day of summer break.
yesterday, I did nothing.
nothing. absolutely nothing.
and i did it on purpose hoping I would get bored and excited to go back to work.
i think it kinda worked.
because by the evening, I was antsy.
it kinda seems surreal that summer is already over.
but i'm pretty glad that we got to end it with a bang in NYC!

looking for some serious good vibes about being able to wake up at 6:15 tomorrow morning. 
and sit through all of my teacher meetings without falling asleep.
fingers crossed for a good school year!


  1. My tummy is rumbling with all those ymmu foods!! That scone looks amazing!!!

  2. What the--HAVE to spend $8.50? They have a minimum price requirement?

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  4. That score looks delicious!!! I love a good bakery :) Good luck getting up early tomorrow, at least it's Friday?!!