first day!

let's talk about how i woke up at 5 in the AM today.
I am the new Sophomore/Junior class advisor, and I got a text yesterday saying they were practicing their assembly skit at 6:30.
I threw up first, punched myself in the face, and then told them I would meet them there.
Because seriously. 630!?!
I set my alarm for 5:45, but Taylor woke up at 5, so naturally, I laid in bed for the next 45 minutes trying not to think about how much longer I had left to sleep.
ugh. i seriously get the WORST insomnia when school starts.
my brain starts turning, and I can NOT turn it off
thank goodness for lavender oil--my only saving grace!
(and if you don't have some lavender oil, we need to talk. it will change your LIFE. i'll tell you just where to get it and how to get it the cheapest you can!)

so today was sophomore day (tomorrow is the first REAL day), and everything was dandy except for the fact that:
a. kids had my room number with another teacher's name
b. kids had my name with another room number.

so that was fun.

then I went to target after school--mistake.
it was MAYHEM.
everyone trying to get their school supplies.
and I ran into like four new students.
and it was so awesome that they shouted my name from across aisles.
but at the same time, I wanted to run.
because I was sooo tired.
and guys, i've seen you for 10 minutes so far--and I don't remember your name. 
and it embarrasses me that you know me and I have NO clue who you are.
so let me get my cookie dough (HA...serious cookie addiction over here...I think I've mentioned it in every post this summer hahah!) and get outta here!

and basically.
i'm ready to crash until bachelor in paradise comes on.
please tell me you are watching.
immorality and immaturity at its finest.
it is SO dumb but ohhh so addicting.

also, taylor is the sweetest husband and treats me like royalty on the night before the first day of school.
he's such a gem.

alright, time for a bite of cookie dough.
and then a power nap.
ta-ta for now!


  1. i need your lavender oil supplier stat. PLEASE?
    we're leading up to the first day of school next monday. i'm trying to train my people. and i'm nervous. i want to get them to school and be amazing.
    but i love seeing my babies heading off to their next year of college... and soon they will all leave me. and that's sad.
    cookie dough sounds good.
    but i NEED lavender oil.

  2. girl. do you use peppermint oil, too? We are LOVERS of lavender and peppermint. Share your secret of cheapness please!!