remember the time I didn't blog all summer?
oh yeah, that's now.

And I really have no excuse.
I've had all the time in the world.
But I'm pretty sure my week doesn't make for great blog posts.
most of my days consist of:
2-3 hours of Pretty Little Liars (pantsless of course) &
2-3 hours of sitting by the pool
and shamelessly eating 4-6 fresh chocolate chip cookies (...everyday)
...let's just say, that buying a tub of cookie dough was a huge mistake when all I do is sit at home all day. ha!
and then, I anxiously wait for taylor to come home, so we can go play with our friends or do some other "summery" thing.

I really thought that within a few days of this little life, I'd get bored.
buuuut, it's day 8 of this life, and I'm still happy as a clam.
(are clams really happy?)
taylor makes fun of me every day.
first for being pantsless every time he walks in
(and if you've followed my blog for awhile, you know how much I shamelessly hate pants)
then for the cookie pan sitting on top of the stove
and then for me having the most cushiony life ever.
but...he also asks for updates on Pretty Little Liars every day.
so there's that.
the suspense of the show has gotten to him too. ha!
that show is addicting!
anyone else addicted?

okay, so basically, I'm still alive.
I'm having a little ball all on my lonesome.
and sometimes I cook really good lunches
(topped off with fresh cookies, of course)
oh and I also ordered the cutest tops from j.crew, and it's pretty awesome to get packages in the middle of the day.

and also, my back feels broken from crossfit yesterday.

oh, but hey!
tonight we are going camping!
and i've got my favorite wooden ring on for proof!
I think my favorite part about doing anything woodsy is getting to pull out our wooden rings.
see here to see the day taylor proposed to me with a wooden ring ;)

and since I don't have a single other picture to share with you on this post, why not two more "wooden ring" pictures for good measure?

I hope you all have a great weekend!
we're gonna stomp off into the woods & i'm going to try to stop taylor from chopping down every tree around while I eat 10 million s'mores.


  1. I've had a s'more once. I still remember its amazing goodness. I'll take 5. In the mean time, I want to be pant less, cookie eating, on summer vacay. You are so my hero.

  2. Sounds amazingly fun! I'm gonna need you to post a picture of those chocolate cookies because I'm seriously craving some now :)

    P.S. Last summer I went through all the PLL seasons on Netflix but by the time the 4th season aired on TV, I lost interest. The whole "A" thing gets kind of annoying...

  3. yay for camping! have so much fun!
    love, taylor


  4. Have so much fun camping!! It sounds like a pretty prefect summer, so far! And girllll, I'm unsure that I would ever get tired of being pantless, eating fresh cookies, and watching a good tv show, ha! My hubby, on the other hand, would go nuts!!

  5. i'm 100% jealous of your stress-free summer. ours has been totally opposite. (but there's good to both!) also, your wooden ring is like, really cute. really cute. also, i had a PLL phase, too. it's so juicy!