Newport (part 1!)

I want to cry, because blogging about this trip means that it's over.
it was SUCH a dreamy vacation!
we have been looking forward to it for months, and man! 
it exceeded all expectations.
big thanks to mom and dad gilbert for making this trip possible.
we got really spoiled!

we stayed in marriott's newport coast villas--and I totally recommend it!
the resort was beautiful: ocean views, five minute walk to the beach, and had everything you could possibly need for a vacation.

our whole week was incredibly relaxing.
lots of beach time (my very favorite), games, and nightly jacuzzi visits.

first, i must start with this picture to give you a small idea of how fun this family is.
if you zone out for a second, you'll miss a billion witty comments, puns, and jokes.
it is constant with these gilbies, i tell ya.

on our first night there, we headed down to the beach for a few hours.
 we played volleyball, flew kites, and relaxed.
and man. I'm saying it again: i have the most fun in-laws ever.

 you can't really tell in this picture, but this kite is GIANT.
the first thing taylor did was pull this bad boy out and start flying.
he would have sat there for hours flying that kite.
buuuut, i kinda messed up his plans: he let me have a turn, and of course, within about five seconds, I crashed it right into the ocean.
it was a little too wet and heavy to lift off again.
sorry about that, tay. ;) 
and how cute are seth and his girlfriend?
it's so fun having all of us kids so close in age!

taylor was good about inviting me on long walks while we were at the beach.
he knows the way to my heart!
and during those walks we got to talk about all kinds of things--life is pretty great with this guy!

 oh and I pretty much DIED every morning.
I got to run right on the beach. it was so beautiful.
and I stopped every once and awhile to just sit and enjoy.
the beach was empty and quiet, except for me and a few runners.
it was seriously a little piece of heaven.
it made waking up before everyone just a little better when I knew what my destination was.

 you better believe that on day 2, we were at the beach first thing!

we really like to boogie board.
but i give up when the waves pull me under and drag my chin along the sand.
hiiiii chin burn!

also, i am LOVING my new headwraps from mint and arrows.
order a few--you won't be sorry!

 the next day, dad gilbert convinced us all to go to knot's berry farm
 do I look a little pale?
that's because I got sick.
do I look a little short?
that's because of my mom and dad.

I told taylor I might be momming-out next year.
(if you notice from the picture above, mom gilbert could not be convinced to come)
I can't do roller-coasters like I used to.
I was sad for a second--before I realized that mama gil was sitting by the pool all day while we were riding coasters.
and then I realized, momming-out doesn't sound so bad after all...

and dear MOM, I am slowly becoming as bad as you with motion sickness.
did you know I threw up on the first day after being in the car for 10 hours?
xoxo, your bitter daughter

i've got another picture overload coming your way tomorrow!
we miss you already, newport!


  1. So adorable! Looks like a blast. Love your swim suit by the way!

  2. you guys are the funnest. (see what i did there? i pretended it was summatime and i'm not working.) i've been wanting to stay in the newport villas!! i seriously stalk them everytime we head that way... last time we stayed at a residence inn in tustin (hello baby shower next door!) that was amazing. the time before that we were at the ritz in downtown la. newport villas look way more fun!! you look fantastic in your swimsuit... and i have a recent development of motion sickness... like in the last 5-10 years? it's pretty terrible.

    but long walks on the beach can totally make up for it, i bet!!

    can't wait for tomorrow's adventures!

  3. Oh my goodness that's where we went on our honeymoon! Same condo and everything :) So much fun . . . and looks like you guys had so much fun, too! And PS you are so funny. "do I look a little short? that's because of my mom and dad." Haha! Love it :)

  4. I NEED to know where you got your turquoise swimsuit! It's adorable! Looks like you had a fun time :)

    1. it's from victoria's secret! they have the cutest one pieces!!

  5. We're headed to Newport in November! I am soooo looking forward to our getaway, it looks beautiful! And I love the color of your swimsuit!

    1. so jealous!! you HAVE to go to mama d's italian restaurant while you're there. it is sooooo good!

  6. this looks fun already and you're only on part 1! i'm going to be green with envy when you're done!

  7. your trip looked like it was so fun! and HELLO, you are slammin in that swimsuit. don't be weirded out, but your boobs are like, phenomenal. haha! can't wait for the next set of pictures!!

    1. IT'S ALL IN THE SWIMSUIT! i'm telling you! the underwire on the VS swimsuits are awesome. all hail, all hail.

  8. This looks like a dream. That swimsuit is TOO cute!

  9. Seriously this post has me so excited for my next trip to the beach. Holy crap, girlfriend. You and this family are just too much beautiful for this one post to handle ;) PS where the heck did you get that bathing suit?! I NEED!

    1. thanks, kayla! it's from victoria's secret. i LOVE their one pieces. plus, they are experts at doing wonders for the boobs ;)

  10. You two are adorable. Your swimsuit is to die for! love that color.