sandcastles and more boogie-ing (part 2)

our next few days in newport involved even more beach time!
i could sit there forever in the warm sun reading and napping.
i am currently reading night circus. 
has anyone read it?
i would definitely recommend it.
on our last day on the beach, taylor finally convinced me to help him build sandcastles.
i swear i married a 10 year old (don't worry, i'm fairly certain that he is actually 25, not 10)
he loves all things "little boy" ha!
the funniest part of the day was when taylor longingly looked at the "sandcastle kits" that the kids next to us had.
I swear if it weren't for my watchful eye, he would have swiped them when he had the chance.
i've never seen him more jealous of anything in his life!

so...I present to you our sandcastle city!
all of the rookie parts, like the misshapen lumps and random triangle sticks are my doing.
taylor built the moat, the little stick fence, the arena (steps and flags on the inside!...should have gotten a better picture..it's the one on the right) and all of the flags on top of the building. you can't really tell, but he tied seaweed to the tops of the sticks to make the flags!

besides the part where I was really mad at the little kids who stomped it to the ground, it was actually pretty fun to build.
It was an interesting day: I had to stop taylor from stealing from the kids--and he had to stop me from beating those same kids up.
he was holding me back saying, "it's okay, kells. that's what happens to sandcastles. they're just kids!"
...i was a little ticked.
it was the first real sandcity I built, and I was proud of those misshapen lumps!
but whatever.
i'm almost over it now. 

every evening, we would find the best little dinner places.
i will share the "must-eat" places tomorrow!
because we ate some food that my mouth is STILL watering over.

and a few updates that are not about the trip:
1. I went to my first crossfit class on monday night. it was just a "ramp up" class where you learn the moves, so I haven't gotten into anything real yet. I'm still not sure how I feel about it, but I've been hearing so many things lately (positive and negative) that I decided I wanted to form my own opinion.
...also, there was a groupon.
and I'm a sucker for groupon.
so there's that...

2. it has been RAINY the past two days.
which is pretty depressing coming home from the beach...
but it also means that I don't have to wake up at 7am to go running.
I can sleep in until 9:30 and it's still nice and cool.
kinda loving it.
but also, bye tan.

3. i may have spent too much money on clothes yesterday.
not sure if taylor knows or not...

4. I think he will forgive me when he comes home today and sees that I've ironed 22 of his dress shirts.
they were sitting in a pile waiting to be ironed (he may have about 3000 dress shirts), and I finally decided, "oh, hey, i'm not doing anything but sitting at home all day. I guess I can iron them for him..."
so HI netflix and HI burn on my thumb.
I suck at ironing.

5. my first week of summer I was studying for that praxis test and getting ready to go on our trip.
the second week of summer we were in newport having the time of our lives.
so I've dedicated this week to only doing what I want, when I want.
a few target trips (on the daily)
making cookies
basically...being a stay at home wife is pretty spectacular.
in fact, i did all of the laundry on monday night, and left a HUGE pile in the living room of all of the clothes. I told taylor, "i have allll day to fold those puppies tomorrow." (clothes, not actual puppies p.s.)
then when he came home yesterday, the massive pile was still sitting there.
and taylor said, "kells, I'm confused. what did you do all day?"
me: "tay, I didn't have to do ANYTHING today. NOTHING. and I didn't want to ruin that by having to do something...like fold clothes. so I took a nap in the laundry instead."
it happened.

oh, and mom, don't worry. 
the clothes got folded this morning and are neatly put away.

buuuuut, even though this week has been great, I still miss this:
one more newport post to come tomorrow!


  1. Ha ha your husband sounds like me, I am always forcing my husband into doing little kids things.... and I may own a sandcastle kit and not have children...

    1. hahahah!! that is awesome. maybe you guys should go build a rocking sand castle together with your sandcastle kit! haha!! i think i know what his next birthday present will be... ;)

  2. Replies
    1. no. wait. i love you. and YOU'RE hilarious.
      well...sometimes you are. ;)

  3. So Taylor and Caleb definitely sound like twins even MORE now (I spot their matching shirt!) and you're still the cutest thing ever. :) so glad you are enjoying your summer to do NOTHING but sleep in laundry piles, and bake cookies.

  4. okay, i would have killed those kids for stepping on your sand castle city! littls brats! haha, your swimming suit really is to die for--give us deets soon. love all these pictures!!

    1. they are both from victoria's secret! they have killer one pieces!

  5. you are ADORABLE!! I want both of your swimsuits!

    1. thanks madi! they are from victoria's secret! i LOVE their one pieces!

  6. My family does a sandcastle building contest every year at the beach every year and the adults definitely get way more into it than the kids...also, your groupon comment. I'm dying! I am such a sucker for groupons and I definitely did a month of crossfit because of a groupon...I decided not to go that route but I did enjoy it!

    1. good to know! and yes--i'm such a sucker too!

  7. I know that building sandcastles is supposed to be fun, but I always get so frustrated when things don't turn out how I envision them. It's probably best for me to simply admire them. Also, I just finished The Night Circus. I really liked it, but it gets super descriptive (to the point of too much) and I found myself wanting the plot to move forward quicker. I'm interested to see what you think!

    1. oohhh interesting! yeah, i do feel like the plot is slow, too. i'm curious what the end will be!