oatmeal notes

For the last few months, I have been nagging taylor to throw away his oatmeal packets from breakfast.
I would come home every day and, without fail, find his oatmeal packet from the morning on the counter (always in the exact same spot).
and so I would nag and nag.
and I threatened to stop buying oatmeal until he learned to throw them away (why am I such a mom? ha)
and then I decided to stop nagging and secretly save all of the packets.
 I  waited until I had a plethora of oatmeal packets to throw at him to PROVE how many there were.
but, true to everything about taylor, he decided NOT to give in to my nagging.
instead, he took a different route...
now, every morning, he cuts up his oatmeal packet to leave me little notes on the counter.
...and every morning, I smile.
at his silly messages
at his dedication 
and at the oatmeal packets that are still on the counter.
but it's true.
he won.
the oatmeal packets can stay on the counter.
because I really like my oatmeal notes.

here are a few of my favorites:

sometimes I get pictures:

other times, I get song lyrics:

my favorites are the morse code ones:

and would you believe that those oatmeal packet notes stay on the counter until the very end of the day? by choice!
so, somehow, taylor has made it so that I am the one that wants to keep the packets on the counter.
so keep on eating that oatmeal taylor.
because those threats about me not buying oatmeal?
forget about it.
you can guarantee you will always have oatmeal to eat.
and you never have to throw away that packet ever again.

xoxo, the oatmeal note recepient


  1. This absolutely melts my heart and my goodness - the dedication.

  2. this is literally the cutest thing i've ever seen. in love with you two.

  3. I love that he's so creative with his oatmeal packets. I might be able to let things stay if the Hubs would get creative like that. You guys are the cutest.