one last newport post!

on one of our last nights in newport, taylor and I decided to take a night walk on the beach.
it was technically closed, but we decided to be little rebels anyway. ;)
the night was so perfect and so fun--just us, the waves, and a full moon.
the part of the beach we went to was down a big hill.
(it's a smaller beach, with only one entrance...which is important information for the story i'm about to share ;))
the tide was coming in super high, and as we walked along, we had to keep hopping up on the rocks and getting as close to the hill as we could so we wouldn't get hit by the waves.
we were laughing so hard (and i was screaming and squealing) every time a big wave came--we had to practically rock-climb up the hill to not get wet.
but, after going down the beach a ways, we looked back to where the entrance was-and realized that if we didn't turn back now, there was no way we would make it back without practically swimming our way to the entrance.
the tide was sooo high that we basically had no beach. 
we were just jumping from rock to rock to try not to get wet.
we waited a few seconds for the waves to calm down, and then taylor yelled, "GO!"
and we booked (jumping from rock to rock) as we tried to beat the next huge wave.
it was possibly the funniest + scariest moment ever.
when we finally got back to the entrance and climbed back to the top, we just sat there panting and completely out of breath.
then thinking how ridiculous the whole plight was, we couldn't help but break into uncontrollable laughter.
i think we learned why this part of the beach was closed at night...
and yay! we are alive.
except for taylor's leather sperry's.

then, we sat on a bench up on the hill looking out into the ocean while we took these really bad quality pictures.

but even with the bad quality, I really think these might be my favorite pictures of the whole trip.
that night was just all around one of those memories you know you'll always remember.
and if I had to be swallowed by the waves that night--couldn't think of a better buddy to do it with ;)

oh and hey!
pier pictures on a freezing evening!

on our last day in newport, we decided to have a relaxing day by the pool.
the pool area in this resort was ahhhmayyzing.
and we kind of died over the peach smoothies.
aaand this is the only picture I have of that day:

 and after all of my pestering, on our last night we finally made a stop at seaside donuts at 11:30pm.
i don't even like donuts.
but I have heard so much about this place, that I was dying to try it out.
especially their famous cronuts.
i'm happy to report that the cronut was delicious, and also, I felt a little sick after eating it so fast.
....and I regretted buying $10 worth of donuts.
but they looked so good and they are so cheap!
but after stuffing my face with the cronut, I remembered why I don't really like donuts.
soooo muchhh sugarrrrr.
we may or may not have thrown a bag of donuts away the next morning.
(sorry seaside donuts)
if you're in newport, you definitely have to go there!
and they are open 24 hours! double bonus!

 and how could I end this post without yet another bad quality picture?
dear newport: we love and miss you! thanks for showing us SUCH a great time!
dear mom and dad gilbert: thanks for an incredible vacation!
dear taylor: thanks for letting me buy $10 worth of donuts and only making fun of me a little bit for it.


  1. Your beach adventure is out of control! I don't even know... but I'm pretty sure something like that would happen to us!! YAY for having such a fantastic vacation... and $10 of donuts?! HOW MANY DONUTS IS THAT?!

  2. Looks like an amazing trip!! I would have been all about a walk on the beach after it was closed, but my rule-following hubby would have said nu-uh!

  3. The nights where you turn into rebels and do things you aren't supposed too always turn out to be the best...again, you two are the cutest things ever and I want to double date w/ you. ;)

    and I'm sorry the words "don't-like" and "donuts" must never be used in the same sentence you crazy person ; )

  4. Sometimes bad quality photos are the best photos! :) glad you had such a fun trip!