weekend wrap up

1. on friday night, taylor and I met with a tax-guy to figure out our taxes.  
with taylor starting his own business last year, taxes were 10x more complicated.
 plus, we knew there were a lot of deductions we could use--and we wanted to make sure we were doing it right. 
so goodbyeeee to simple taxes. 
hellooo really complicated and expensive taxes! 

yeah, uh, remember last year when taylor and I got a $4,000 tax refund? 
that was the best day.
 and now--we owe taxes. ha! 
BUT considering the amount was $8,000 LESS than what we had calculated--it was a gooooood night! when we were driving home, we were on cloud nine--i could have kissed that tax-guy's feet--he's a genius! 
the first thing taylor said was, "sooo--we've got an extra $8,000. what can we get for $8,000?" haha!
don't worry--we're saving it ;)

2. okay. wait. maybe we didn't save allll of it. 
on saturday, I went with my two favorite little sisters to park city to shop the best outlets in the world.
and HELLO. 
I really hope you all got your cute little butts to banana and gap this weekend--40% off of everything--plus, the whole store was already 50% off! 
(and it included already discounted items, too!)
So I got some killaaaa deals. like I still get giddy thinking about it. 
and maybe I went a little overboard?
butttt it was so hard not to when I was holding a $60 skirt that was only $13!
or a $45 shirt for only $8!
so of course, I had to get one in every color, right!?
and plus, I saved $8,000 the night before! 
(ha, kidding about that part...a little.)
but rest assured.
I have three bags of clothes I don't really wear anymore, that I'm ready to sell online or give away.
that was taylor's rule: one article of clothing in, one article of clothing out.
DEAL, babe.
best. deal. ever. 

3. I got a massage on saturday night--and it was extremely disappointing.
you see, I like a massage.
not a "let me try to get every single knot out of your back and neck and try really painful techniques and make you bruised after the massage" kind of thing.
i'm sure some people love that.
but, eh. just massage me!
(okay--i'll admit now--best part of the massage is always the glutes! if you're the kind of person that always says no when asked if you want your glutes done, promise me right now that you will say YES next time and I promise you won't regret it.)

4. signed up for another half-marathon in april! gonna kill it!

5. okay. stahhhp.
this guy--and his trendy glasses.
he kills me. 
it still makes me upset that he can pull them off, and I can't.
(he wouldn't let me get a picture of him this morning--but I snapped one anyway!)
oh, and uh. he definitely has a woman's pair of glasses that look killer on him. ha!
and, you guessed it! they look horrible on me.
something is seriously wrong with that.

6. happyyy monday! three weeks until spring break!


  1. Ok saving $8,000?!!!?? Gahh!!!! That's insane, totally justifies the Banana and Gap purchases!!!! :) Caleb and I started photography last year on top of our full time jobs so luckily we made more back than we owed! Not looking forward to taxes next year though lol saving for that SUCKS! Also, can you believe I've never had a professional massage?!

    Love your man's glasses! You two are cute!

    1. I think it justifies it too! haha! taxes suck so bad!
      okay--you need to go get a massage! find a massage school--they are usually way cheaper!

  2. ahhh the tax man cometh soon!! why oh why, refund, paying, 1099, yikes makes my head spin, why is being an adult not as glamorous as it sounded when we were younger??

  3. Love Taylor's glasses! And I agree about massages - I'm looking for relaxing, not painful!!

    Sounds like a lovely weekend!! Especially saving 8k!! :) :)

    1. seriously, right!? haha, thanks, lisa!

  4. Holy shopping deals! GAH! You've put the shopping itch in me! Darn you. Happy Monday!

    1. awesome, right!? i alwayyyys have the shopping itch. haha!

  5. We got our taxes done this weekend too! Whew, glad that is done with.

    Definitely did some shopping at gap this weekend too. Can't beat 40% off!!

    1. you seriously can't beat that! glad you got there too!

  6. The only professional massage I've gotten was on our honeymoon last summer, but I've been dying to get one lately! I'll definitely say yes to glutes. :)

    1. yes! please do it! and then let me know if you like it!

  7. 1. Glutes are the best. I usually save those massages for the hubs... but you've convinced me to let the professionals give it a whirl! OH. I need a massage. Thanks for the reminder!
    2. Apparently I missed the BR memo!? DARN. I need to clean out my closet though... pretty sure your Hubs' idea should be a rule in our house, too!
    3. HELLO AMAZING TAX GUY. We own our own businesses too... and we can't itemize yet... and I always start hyperventilating when they give me the numbers.... buttttt that's the why we get the professionals. ;)

    1. 1. yes! try it! and tell me when you do!
      2. sad you missed the memo! look for it next time!
      3. yeah--awesome tax guy, right!? thank goodness for professionals!!

  8. I'm with you - if you had already planned on the $8k being gone, they you just as well spend it! =) And ugh to bad massages. I made the mistake of telling mine that my shoulder hurt and the woman didn't let up on it for the whole hour. Definitely not what I was wanting.

    1. hahah! thanks! glad to know I wasn't just justifying my shopping spree ;)
      and ouchhhh that sounds like the worst massage! I hate when they do that!

  9. Sounds like a fun weekend! Love the shopping and the sales! and those glasses! I couldn't pull those off if I tried. Wish I could though, because they are amazing!

  10. Sounds like such a fun weekend! My first ever massage was in Hawaii and it was eh, mediocre at best... so slightly awkward because I couldn't relax!