a weekend and a puppy

Had a pretty great weekend catching up with my best friends from the school I taught at last year.
I miss working with these girls SO much.
and one of them just got the cutest little puppy.
just look at its cute little face!
also, do you like our solution for a "group" picture? 
it was the best we could come up with, since there was no self-timer and no one to take our picture. ha

the rest of the weekend was complete with lots of reading, sleeping, and watching modern family with my cutie taylorray.
taylor got me hooked on this show, and we are currently going through all of the seasons.
i'm loving it!
don't know why in the world I never watched it until now.
any one else watch it?

on a less-happy note...
I have been doing a sugar fast with my sisters for the past week.
two weeks to go!
the only hard part for me is the weekend!
I'm generally pretty good during the week--limiting myself to zero weekday desserts and making sure not to buy any "sweet snacks" for when I'm hungry.
but last night--ugh, it was so hard.
then I decided to make banana ice cream--best sweet-craving-killer ever!
because it tastes just like creamy ice cream!
so if you ever have those sweet-cravings coming, here's what you do:
put some sliced bananas in your freezer right now--so you're prepared when the cravings hit
(just stick them in a ziplock)
when you're ready for some goodness, blend the bananas together.
I like putting a little bit of skim milk in mine to make it a little creamier.
(aaaand if you forget to freeze your banana, you can always just throw some ice in the blender)
and wala!
enjoy your banana ice cream!

join me on the next two weeks of the sugar fast! you won't regret it!
happy monday!


  1. I need to try that banana ice cream stat!! Sounds like a yummy sweet alternative!

    1. it is seriously so yummy! let me know when you try it!

  2. I've made banana ice cream before, but I added some cocoa and peanut butter. Variety! :) But wow, way to go by doing a sugar fast. I don't think I could ever do that--my sweet "tooth" is more like my sweet "teeth-lips-head-and-one-arm"--that's how big that "tooth" is haha ;) Good luck with your last two weeks!


    1. ohhhh I sooo want to try it with peanut butter now! i love me some peanut butttaa! and I'm totally with you on that sweet "tooth!"

  3. What a pretty puppy!! I love doing that with TV shows that I never followed season-to-season. Especially a gem like Modern Family!

    1. AH love fellow modern family lovers! haha!

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    \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 I haven't finished reading, I stopped at ModFam. Ty got me hooked on it. Like one of the best shows ever. it's so funny, like laugh out loud funny. Man I love that show. I want to talk about it all the time. Ugh okay I'm going to finish reading now.

    1. oh danni--you make me laugh every day! love you girrrrl! xoxo

  5. YUM frozen bananas turned into "ice cream"?! Sounds fantastic. I also am obsessed with your adorable curls...teach me!!

    PS -- isn't Modern Family the BEST?!

    1. yes! it's the best! the bigger barrel curling iron, the better! welll--medium barrel with shorter hair! and it always helps my hair to sleep on it a little damp--it gets more of a natural curl to it too! but some people can't stand going to bed with wet-ish hair haha!

  6. The pup pictures are too cute!!! But I don't know if I can do the sugar fast with you... banana ice cream or no banana ice cream ;)

    1. yeah, it's hard for sure! i think i might say uh, no go, with the next one. haha!

  7. Oh my, that ice cream sounds delicious! And that puppy is the most adorable!!

  8. That puppy has the sweetest face! An yes!! I love Modern Family! Phil is my favorite.

  9. Oh my gosh! That puppy is so big and so cute!!