we went to brian regan!

on friday night, we got to see brian regan live!
it was THE best night!
so much laughter and so much fun!
^cutest forever-date award goes to that handsome guy right there!^

we went with some of our dearest friends!
we love these two.
we all just laughed the entire night.

 ^look how cute my dear friend is! so fun to finally catch up!^

OH and I can't forget to tell you why I am 10x smarter from this weekend.
my sister, jamie, and I drove down to Logan to see my sister-in-law, regan, up at USU.
(I also finallyyyy got to shop at bella me--a boutique I've been insta-stalking for the last couple of months. I got the cutest clothes---winnnna!)
it was so fun to spend an afternoon with my two favorite "little" sisters!
and still hitting myself for not getting any pictures--boo.
while on the drive back home, jamie and I were seeing how many u.s. presidents we knew in order.
we knew a fair amount, but then somehow decided to memorize all of them (first&last name).
and THEN we memorized which number each president is.
So for example, if you threw "#18" or "#29" at me, I could tell you exactly which president it is.
(Grant & Harding, of course ;))
We were having so much fun, that we decided to memorize all of the states in alphabetical order.
And THEN memorize every capital (which was fairly easy since we knew all but about 10).
yes, I'm a history teacher--and I just now memorized all of the states and capitals.
my little fifth grade mind just couldn't remember all of them from when I had to memorize them at 10 years old.
so look at us! we are little geniuses.
(except for the part when I drove the wrong way on a one-way street in SLC--that was fun.)
and we found the best way to roadtrip.
the time goes by SO fast.
and you feel smart.
double bonus.

#22. Grover Cleveland. ;)


  1. Love that you memorized all of the presidents in order! When I was in 5th grade, my teacher taught the class a song to help remember them all, and to this day I haven't forgotten! :)

    Happy Monday, girlie!!

    1. a song would have been a much smarter idea! haha

  2. We went on Saturday, so dang funny! I'm impressed that you memorized all of that. My inner 5th grader can't remember most of them :)

  3. In one of my boring college courses, I spent the entire class memorizing the states in alphabetical order, and now I write them all out whenever I'm bored. Nerd alert!

    1. hahah!! exactly what I did in church the next day! ha

  4. You're amazing, I could name maybe 7 presidents, and not in chronological order.... oops. I can say the alphabet backwards!

    1. that's impressive! maybe that will be our next goal--haha!

  5. Ah, Brian Regan!! He was one of my favorites...I would love to see him live! :-)

    1. he was SO good live! definitely put it on your bucket list!