one thing on my mind.

I've sat in front of this blank page multiple times today--but there's only ONE thing on my mind right now, and I can't even talk about it!
I feel like I have been keeping wayyy too many secrets lately (exciting ones).
and for me, that is possibly one of the hardest things to do.
(okay, wait. I'm a good serious-secret-keeper. but exciting secrets? totally different story.)
I have constant butterflies in my stomach today--which is probably one of the reasons that I can't come up with a good blog post.
and, I know, I know, you're thinking, "really? you are annoying. why would you ramble on about a secret you have and then not say anything?"
possibly THE most annoying thing a person can do.
I feel like michael scott a little though...ha.

BUT if you follow me on instagram, I'll spill the secret tonight.
and if you don't, feel free to follow along!
(um. p.s. I'm not pregnant. in fact, this secret is probably only exciting to me. and one other person. ha)

OKAY, okay--I can't very well have a whole post that results in complete frustration for everyone--sooo, how about something that may or may not make you laugh?

possibly one of the funniest things I've seen was watching Taylor try to figure out a way to mount our gopro.
he so badly wanted to capture time-lapses of this super fun board game we were playing with our siblings on sunday night.
it would have been a pretty cool video.
too bad that five seconds into figuring out a way to mount it--the gopro died. HA
it was seriously funny.

okay, maybe you had to be there.
but that guy!
man, he makes me laugh every day.

and also...he's such a good kisser! ;)
double bonus.


  1. haha you are such a tease! I can't wait to hear the secret! And the gopro sitch is hilarious. hahaha

  2. Yay!!! Have fun with sister!!!

  3. WHAT IS GOPRO?! These pictures lead me to believe it's AMAZING... because who else would try so hard if it wasn't?!

  4. That is funny and could have only been described with a picture!!