the secret!

so the secret from yesterday?

I flew into Kansas last night to surprise my sister who I haven't seen in TWO years!
Which is why I couldn't blog about it!
But I have been bursting with excitement!
I finally got to squeeze my cute niece and nephews!
and her FACE when she saw me! so funny! haha!
my heart is literally bursting with joy!

more fun posts to come!
kansas is about to see a real good time with us two daredevils finally reunited!


  1. So so so so happy for you! And your adorable boots too <3

  2. That's awesome!!! Have a great visit!!

  3. Ok how fun is that! I feel like anytime I get an excuse to fly I am so down because it's so much fun. Airplanes and family bring out the kid side in me for sure :)

  4. Wow such a great surprise!! Two years....I couldn't imagine not seeing my nieces and nephews for that long...such a great thing!

  5. So exciting! Can't wait to see the pictures from the trip!

  6. Oh my gosh I can't imagine not seeing my sis for two years!! Surprises are the absolute best! What a great sister.