a bunch of nothing + an incident with a bra

#1. I posted this a few months ago--but if you haven't tried it, you NEED to.
it is SUCH a good workout!
I hadn't done it for a whole month, so on Wednesday, I decided to give it a whirl again.
and man! I forgot the goodness that it brings.

#2. LOVE this post by bonnie on her blog.
all about being excited for others' accomplishments--and most importantly, being okay with bragging about your OWN! head on over to her blog and take a look.

#3. um--ready for a slightly funny but extremely embarrassing story?
so I went tanning for the first time in forever the other day.
I had just finished getting dressed after tanning, when I realized that I somehow forgot to put my bra on.
how does that happen?
ugh--but I was too lazy to take off my two layers of tops, so instead, I just tucked it halfway into my pants.
I wasn't planning on going anywhere after tanning, and didn't really want to walk out with a bra in hand, and so this seemed like a good idea?
wellll on my way home, I remembered that I needed to go to target.
annnd, I conveniently forgot that I had a bra tucked into my pants.
so here I go, walking into target (braless and everything!).
In one of the aisles, I bend down to pick something up, and guess what falls out of my pants?
you got it.
a silver shimmery bra.
and don't you worry. it was just me + three other guys in the aisle.
I realized it looked like I was maybe trying to steal the bra?
so I stupidly said, "ohhh, don't worry, it's mine! just forgot to put it on!"
and the confusion on their faces? priceless.
I can just hear their thoughts, "sooo, the reasonable solution was to stick it in your pants?"
yeah, it makes no sense, boys.
i'm with you.
the next time I forget to put my bra on after tanning, I will proudly hold that bra in my hand as I walk out of the tanning salon.
OR maybe, I'll just actually take the time to put it on.

#4. Last night, I got to help run a caucus! 
I wasn't super familiar with the caucus system (since they don't use it in cali), but it was interesting to see the inner-workings of it after studying about caucuses while getting my poli-sci degree.
there's something so motivating about watching a community come together to vote.
makes me pretty proud to be an American!

#5. I am just SO happy it's FRIDAY!
tonight, I get to go to a get-together with all of my teacher-friends from my old school.
I can't tell you how excited I am to see all of them!
^can you tell I had a bunch of granola in my mouth when this picture snapped? wasn't quite ready for it--but eh, it's friday! anything goes.
and I was too lazy to try round 2.
and also.
another selfie-in-my-classroom to add to my collection.

it's the end of the term today.
and surprisingly, this end-of-term has not been as crazy as previous ones.
no tears, rants, or even threats this term!
...I guess we'll see if I can still say that by 2:15 today.

p.s. looking for some good book recommendations! please share!

what are you doing this weekend?


  1. Congrats to you for the end of the term!! :) enjoy some time off!

  2. I was laughing out loud reading your bra story at work!!! Love it!! That is so something that would happen to me, lol

  3. I love your bra story!! Too funny!! And that work out, looks like it would kick your butt! Happy Friday pretty lady! :)

    1. the treadmill work out is definitely a good one! try it! love your blog by the way!

  4. Found you via the link up . . . oh my goodness your bra story is HILARIOUS. I love it. Haha I might think about it later today and laugh again :) Also, book recommendations--I'm reading The Happiness Project right now and it's awesome! So I totally recommend it :)


    1. awesome! thanks for the recommendation!

  5. Found you on the link-up!!
    Your story is hilar, I would have been mortified but glad you played if off - sort of... lol!
    Also, I'll def have to give that treadmill workout a go!
    Happy Weekend!!

    1. love your blog, girl! and let me know when you try that workout!!

  6. Recent favorite books: The Night Circus, Kitchen Hiuse, & And the Mountains Echoed. Laughed far too hard at your bra story!!!

    1. thank you! I am actually almost done with "and the mountains echoed" which is why i'm looking for more! i'm excited to try the other ones out! thanks, girl!

  7. Just read Bonnie's post -- so encouraging :)

    Okay so that bra story was HILARIOUS! You are too funny omg....I would just die if that happened to me! I totally have my fair share of embarrassing stories, too. & how do you look so adorable with a mouth full of granola!? Lol!

    1. haha thanks! wasn't bonnie's post awesome!?

  8. The bra story seriously made me laugh out loud. Too funny! Have a great weekend!

    1. thanks, paige! hope your weekend was fab!

  9. CANNOT STOP GIGGLING at bra story!!! Rock it, sister!! I love your treadmill work out too!! It's what I used to do. Need to get back to it!

    1. isn't it a great workout!? i really like it! and seriously--that bra thing was the worst! haha

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    2. ah yes! thanks for the recommendation!!

  11. Oh my gosh, the BRA!! Hilarious. I've definitely had similar things happen to me...you're not alone! :-)