start to a great week.

Taylor and I have a new goal:
"wedding weight by marriage date."
We have 14 days to accomplish this. ha!
Even with running and exercise, I am still about 6-7 pounds heavier than when we got married.
We are not the most healthy eaters ;)
I was probably a little too skinny when we got married (at 96.5 pounds).
We will see what happens in the next two weeks.
But in just the short time since we have started, I have already lost 2 pounds!  
Probably just water weight...but hey, I'm taking it!
We are mostly taking this opportunity to be more aware of what we are eating.
And it sure is working.

Reasons why this week has started off GREAT:
1. Down two pounds this week
2. Taylor came home from Costco yesterday and surprised me with flowers.
that boyyyyy. :)
3. Last night I was in bed at 8:30! For the first time in a long time, I got to read for a whole HOUR before I fell asleep! p.s. I have restarted the harry potter series. my, oh my, it's pretty dang fun. Even on the fourth go-around. 
4. today my classes are testing--all of my grading is done. Which means...I will be reading harry potter all day (and getting paid for it). Sounds like a done deal to me! ;)
5. taylor is joining me for lunch today.
6. I get to go shopping with my little sister tonight! love that she is at BYU now!
(okay, shopping for me does not mean spending money, since it's still no spendtember, but it will still be fun!)

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