Hello, world!

1. My new school's internet system blocks blogger.  Which is really unfortunate.  Blogging was a nice release during my prep, before school, or after school. So...blogging just got 10x more inconvenient.

2. I promise to be BACK in September.

3. My little sister lives in Utah now! BYU's got the cutest, smartest little sister around! Did you know she got a full-tuition scholarship? geesh... It is so fun taking her around to get the little things she needs.  I've been reminiscing all weekend of when I first moved out to Utah and my older sister, Marci, did the same for me. I sure have the best sisters.

4. Taylor and I went "pottering"  a few weekends ago.  And...I sucked. Majorly.  In fact, I ruined my pot so bad, that our little instructor couldn't even fix it.  So I just watched Taylor rock his. Why is he so good at everything? It really drives me insane.

Our teacher gave me this beautiful finished pot.
I think because he felt so bad that I was so miserable. haha

5. Remember this post? I went to the doctor that day--turns out I have the beginnings of an ulcer on my cornea! Ugh! So I've been stuck in these frames that are giving me major headaches, because they are the wrong prescription. Thank goodness for modern day medicine though, right? Except for the headaches, my eye feels SO much better.

6. Look at my cute date! Those dimples do me in.

7. We had SO much fun when my parents were in town a few weekends ago.  Lucky for me, they were here during my first week back at school.  And man alive--look at how cute my little mama is!

We played knock-out at the Gilbert's house almost every night. We seriously love this game!

 good photo bomb, daddy!

 Okay but seriously, my goal is to be my mom someday.

8. All of my students say I look like Brittany Snow...?  I can maybe see it if I cover the chin.  I mean--I'll take the compliment, but they are convinced I am her twin.  

 Last year, when I cut my hair, my students told me I looked like Julianne Hough.  I guess I'm in good company with these pretty women. Ha! Do you see it? I'm struggling.

9. I've been stressing lately. More details to come.

10. All of our Lake Powell pictures are in! We were lucky enough to have a super talented photographer with us on our trip.  I'll share those tomorrow!

11. SEPTEMBER!? That means--our TWO YEAR anniversary is in one month, Thanksgiving is in two months, and Christmas is in three! Where did this year go!?

12. My husband rocks--this week he surprised me with fresh flowers, back scratches as I fell asleep, and lots of little love notes. How did I get so lucky?

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  1. Your date looks cute and seems nice, if you weren't taken I'd say go for that guy. Since you are, let me at him