A sob story

(hey, remember when I had long hair?)

I really miss my coworkers at Summit.
I had just about THE best friends there.
As much as I love my new school, I haven't quite bonded with anyone like I did at Summit.
Don't get me wrong--the staff is INCREDIBLE.
But I am definitely the youngest teacher--by maybe 15 years?
And they all know each other, and have inside jokes, and eat in a secret teachers lounge.
Just kidding about that last part...kind of.
On the first day of school, I went into the teachers lounge, and waited for teachers to show up.
Nada, nothing, no one.
I was beginning to wonder if I messed up the schedule--maybe it wasn't really lunch yet!
Then, the next day, I found out there is a "make-shift" teachers lounge on the third floor of the school.
I decided to give that a shot the next day.
And wala! I found all of the teachers.
As awesome and friendly as they are, I felt just a little awkward.
I hate being the newbie.
I don't know their names, or what subjects they teach--and I feel like I need to interject and ask questions every 15 seconds to understand the conversations.
C'mon--can't we talk about things that didn't happen last year? (or 20 years ago?)

The past few days I have been eating my lunch in my classroom.
I surprisingly enjoyed it the first day or so.
I turned on Netflix and watched the Office.
And unlike in the secret faculty lounge, I understood all of the jokes and knew all of their names. ;)
On my third day of eating-by-myself-in-my-empty-classroom-while-watching-netflix I learned something terrible.
Netflix is now blocked on my school's internet system.
I can't tell you how devastated I was.
I had just found new lunch friends (jim, michael, pam dwight)--and then lost them all within a matter of days. 

So, today, I ate in my classroom.
By myself.
And told myself--this is good. You enjoy it still. Use this time to grade.
But instead, I felt lonely.
And I wished I had hiked the two flights of stairs to awkwardly sit with a group of people I don't know.
Because, let's face it.
I gotta be surrounded by people to feel happy.
Isn't that why I teach?
Will I have the courage to do it tomorrow?
We shall see.

And that is my Wednesday sob story.


  1. I'm sending you all sorts of good vibes that you'll have the courage to climb the stairs and have lunch with the people you don't know! Go for it! It's always the things that seem the most intimidating that end up being the most valuable for ourselves.

  2. it wont take long for them to see your cute personality and they will all want to be your best friend!! good luck tomorrow!! (today)

  3. This post makes me sad. :( Come back to Summit!! We miss you! We all get to have lunch together now, and it is soooo fun!
    Alas... I doubt you'll come back. But! We can still hang out with you outside of school. :)

  4. KELLI. Okay, in high school we'd always by-pass the school blockades by simply adding an "s" to the "http". So, instead of "http://facebook.com" we'd have to do "https://facebook.com/". I have no clue if this still works and if they've updated their tech guys to be a tad more modern.