Today is a bittersweet day.
I got released as Miamaids advisor, and was called as Primary President.
I am SO sad to be leaving the Miamaids and other Young Women.
They've really become my best friends over the last two years.
I've known for the last two weeks that I was being released--and it was really hard not to say anything to the girls.
I was very emotional the last two Sundays--knowing that it was my last time with these wonderful girls.
They have the strongest testimonies, the brightest smiles, and the warmest hearts.
They have blessed my life more than they will ever know.

Two Sundays ago, I got a call early Sunday morning asking if I would meet with the bishop in 30 minutes.
I quickly woke up and got dressed.
As I got ready, I wondered what it could possibly be about.
On the way to the church building, a thought suddenly came to me:
"You are being called as Primary President."
I laughed. Out loud.
Yeah right.
We are in a total family ward (not a young married ward)--Taylor and I are one of the youngest families.  Why would he call me?
When the bishop released me, I cried.
And then he said, "Let me tell you why we are releasing you. The Lord is calling you to be Primary President."
I stopped. And said, "That's a joke, right?"
I half-hoped he would laugh with me and say, "Gotcha!"
But instead, he smiled and told me it was not a joke.
The bishop and I had a very emotional and spiritual conversation.
One that I will never forget.
I won't go into detail here, because it's a little personal, but in that office, I knew of a surety that the Lord knows me and he knows his children.
I still don't understand why.
I feel so inadequate and so young.
And if I somehow make every possible mistake as Primary President, I know that there is one thing I CAN do.
Love the children.

Even with all of the nervous jitterbugs I had today, I am SO excited for this new calling.
And here I sit at my brother's house with a full heart and happy mind, ready to start this new adventure.

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  1. You are amazing and will be a wonderful Primary President!