Vent session.

I can honestly say that I love my students.
I can also honestly say that I often think, "I really hope I wasn't that dumb when I was in high school."

I also have a cry for forgiveness in my heart to all of my high school teachers.
I just hope I wasn't one of the students who did or said something stupid or hurtful.

Even though I love these crazy kids, they drive me insane sometimes.
I feel like I've aged five years in the five months I've been a teacher.
Today after school, I just sat at my desk for five minutes and did NOTHING.
I stared at the empty desks and was grateful they were empty. Ha!
I  listened to Les Mis as I thought about how happy I am that tomorrow is Friday.

And then I took a picture of my annoyed faces.

Okay. Venting complete.
I feel good again.
Back to planning I go.

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