Valentine's Day Decor

So I planned to make Valentine's crafts yesterday.
But I ended up not having time to go to the craft store for the things I wanted.
And since I knew this week would be extremely busy, I decided to sit down tonight and see what I could make with what I had.
Thank goodness for pinterest, right?
It's not the best work I've ever done, but it will have to do.
So here's what Valentine's season is looking like at our house so far.

Our Valentine's tradition is to go out for a yummy Valentine's breakfast.
Then we spend the evening making something together and spending time at home.
It's the best--we avoid the crowds, and get two yummy meals.
This year, we decided to be frugal on gifts, since we will be cruising just two days later.
Pretty excited for this season!

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  1. You + Me Does not = Love :) That's what it looks like to me.